‘Tell No One’


Following on from our (Marcus’) love of Zombies, we were invited down to Secret Cinema’s ‘Tell No One’ event and boy were we not disappointed. We cant say too much because ‘Tell no one’ duh! Also the guys want to keep the experience an experience and not have anyone expect any thing, because where’s the fun in that eh?

It’s a special kind of horror experience as you are actually IN the movie, its hard to explain and you really have to experience it to understand how immersive that this experience actually is. The ‘Tell No One’ event is based around Danny Boyle’s 2002 British cult classic, 28 Days Later. It runs for approximately 5 hours plus a screening of the film so expect to be there for the long haul – bring clothes you don’t mind messing up – no really we’re being serious. Price point is £64 so a night out really eh?