Backbone One Gaming Controller

We have experienced what could be argued as the best gaming experience ever on an iPhone. It’s called the Backbone One gaming controller and it is a mind-blowing new gaming experience for the iPhone.
Next gen gaming has never been more effortless. It is simply a plug and play device and it adds joysticks, face buttons and shoulder buttons to a lot of your games. Turning your phone into a video game controller. While also turning the device into a fully functional video game console!

Backbone Device

You can play Xbox Game Pass games, games from the App Store and games on the Backbone app. Simply press the Backbone button on the device to open the app and instantly play games like Call of Duty Mobile. The device has the lowest power and lowest latency ever on an iPhone gaming controller. It also requires no charging. Giving it that truly portable gaming experience.

Backbone app

The device works with any game that supports game controllers such as Minecraft, Asphalt 9: Legends, Call of Duty®, and hundreds of titles on Apple Arcade. Backbone works with any game that supports game controllers. The app also allows you to voice chat with friends and hop from game to game seamlessly, record edit and share your gameplay straight from the Backbone. No external device required. You can also get notifications when your friends are playing a game and just simply join in with them!

Backbone + iPhone is more powerful than Nintendo Switch!

Backbone + iPhone 12

Nintendo Switch

More comfort
More storage
Better resolution
Better battery life


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