McLear RingPay

Wearables are now becoming more of a norm and rings are going to become smarter and smarter as time goes on. Well the best thing to use your ring for would be to pay for things! That’s what McLear are doing with their ring, the McLear RingPay!

Below are a few features that their smart ring can do:

  • Use your ring to make secure payments anywhere that accepts contactless.
  • It’s funded by connecting your debit or credit card.
  • Earn Cashback through use
  • One click deactivate
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • No Charging

Features of the McLear RingPay

Using your ring to pay for things makes so much sense as it is simply a case of waving or in the McLear’s case, knocking your wrist over the sensor. While it is much faster than using a credit card or debit card as it doesn’t require you to take out your phone or adjust your watch. It’s always there on your finger, ready to go when you need it.

Their rings are engineered to a high standard, there are no glues or plastics pressed against your skin. Only high quality, super strong, hypoallergenic ceramic.

While the ring is also waterproof, scratch resistant and stress tested. The ring will take every day wear and tear and continue to work.

Furthermore their RingPay app will keep track of spending, expenses, online spending, pause or lock a lost ring, all from within the app. Which is available on iOS or Android.

RingPay Rewards

You can earn cash back when using the McLear RingPay at participating retailers. For every qualifying purchase that you make you can get a percentage of the transaction back as a reward. You can then transfer this cash back earned to the RingPay account to spend using your Ring.

RingPay Giving

For all those users that like giving to charity, you can also give to good causes using RingPay.

You can do this by choosing one of McLear’s two giving rules. you can either round up to the next pound or donate a fixed amount every time you make a purchase. While your giving rule is applied and the donation is taken from your RingPay account balance.

McLear will make sure that 100% of your donation will make it to your chosen charity and you can choose from a big list of registered charities to support.

McLear RingPay Premium: RingPay+

Premium members club gives access to more cash back, special RingPay+ perks and exclusive discounts as 1000’s of retailers. Such as ticket bookings, cinemas, restaurants, hotels and travel deals.

Auto Top-up

You can always have money in your McLear RingPay Ring too, with the Auto Top-Up feature. You can set a preferred funding source and specify the amount of money to auto top-up once your balance falls below a user set amount.

Suspend / Unsuspend RingPay

Misplaced your Ring?… Place a temporary block on your account until it turns up.

Add up to 4 rings

You can now own 4 Rings and manage all 4 from within your app and even transfer funds between them at the touch of a button!

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