Bob Mini Dishwasher

We all hate washing dishes right? Well we have found something that may be your saving grace.  A dishwasher, but not just any dishwasher. A Mini Dishwasher. It’s called the: Bob Mini Dishwasher. It’s really small and can be placed right the worktop at home, or in the office. So if you don’t have a dishwasher, now is the excuse to get one!

Small and Mighty

The Bob Mini Dishwasher is as small as a microwave and can be placed anywhere. It is also light as a feather. Weighing only 10kg and is really easy to carry due to integrated handles. The Bob Mini Dishwasher also is tiny and has a width of just 34cm or 13.4 inches. While it can accommodate plates up to 29cm or 11.4 inches. Which is a first for a dishwasher this size!

Don’t have access to a water supply? Don’t worry you can use the 3.9 later integrated water tank to help clean your dishes. The Bob Mini Dishwasher also conveniently fills up from the front, which allows the Bob to be placed under a kitchen cabinet. Furthermore if you do have a water supply you can connect it to water using the Bob easy water inlet hose.

The Bob Mini Dishwasher is inspired by professional dishwashers and has an adaptable basket, which is modular and can be customised to meet your own needs. You can wash up to 16 classes or cups in 15 minutes! While it can also do your daily dishes in 20 minutes!

While Bob can wash dishes with only 2.9L of water which is 5 times less water than washing by hand (15L)!

Bob Mini Dishwasher Features

Bob is available in 24 color combinations and is the first dishwasher with an automatic magnetic door opening. This helps for improved drying and consumes no energy at all. So it is tacticle, simply when you touch the door it will open automatically. It also features a light panel with LED technology which is extremely bright to highlight your dishes. While also enhancing the mood in the kitchen.

Bob Mini Dishwasher is also the first mini dishwasher to be able to connect to Wifi for updates to it’s OS and update other features. It uses the worlds most effective all in one dishwasher detergent distribution system. Cassettes. While Bob+ is a subscription service that activates the automatic renewal of the Bob Cassetter. You will only pay for what you use and it will be delivered to your door.


This next feature is optional, the UV-C module will kill 99% of bacteria and viruses with a waterless cycle. It will disinfect all kinds of objects in 20 minutes. Masks, dishes, wallet, keys etc etc. However if you choose the Bob Premium Pack it will come as standard.

Purchase a Bob Mini Dishwasher here! (Affiliate Link)

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