eVscope 2 – A Telescope With HUGE power

UniStellar have made a smart telescope which makes it possible for stargazers around the world to view the Universe easily. Even in their back garden and without experience.

Powering the eVscope 2, UniStellar’s proprietary tech (Enhanced Vision, Automated Field Detection, Light Pollution Reduction), the eVscope 2 is the most powerful consumer space instrument. It’s really fast and accurate and can reveal galaxies, nebulae, comets and other celestial objects millions of light-years away with unparalleled colors and details – even from the heart of a city.

Brand new hobbyists can view astronomy and grow their skills with the eVscope 2 as it is user friendly an advanced at the same time. So astronomers can benefit from a portable device.

The low-light, high resolution sensor captures light from objects millions of light years away and delivers pin sharp imagery with a wide field of view, all within secodns in crisp detail.

Futhermroe there a a Unistellar Network. The first global community of connected telescope users, 5,000 people strong and counting. You can exchange dialogue with them, even professional astronomers. Hear about projections, plan observations and get help capturing a target. While help receive tops to collect and submit data. Furthermore, learn about light curves and data modelling. Also have your observations confirmed, and see their data put into action through charts and visuals.

eVscope 2 app

With the help of the app, the eVscope 2 will recommend the most spectacular targets and launch in to deep space observations in minutes of opening the box.

So, the app has a catalogue of over 5000 objects to learn from, even learn which ones are best to view from your location. While the app is the best way to learn and automate your experience, so that novices can learn while advanced users can tinker with the manual controls.

eVscope 2 Bag

The eVScope 2 even comes with a beautiful back pack, similar in size to a 50L hiking backpack. Making it easy to transport the eVscope 2 and it’s tripod. Comes with tough reinforced fabric to help protect the telescope from shock. While it also includes a removable rain shield.


Order one here.

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