Folding iPhone Exciting Concept!

Folding iPhone. The one rumour that just won’t go away. Noe the team over at #iOS beta news have created a rather cool concept. The Folding iPhone looks like a cross between a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or the rebooted Motorola Razr.

In the video above we see the iPhone Flip, a handset that when folded out in phone form, has really thin bezels. The notch is gone and has replaced by a centre mounted pin-hole camera. The back has the usual tipped iPhone camera array.

The video also shows a backplate-mounted secodary screen.Which can display content, notifcations and messages when the phone is in clamshell mode.

The rumours of a folding iPhone and the hundreds of concepts as a result. Have come from a patent from Apple depicting a folding iPhone. Now you know as well as I do that not all patents get made. So who knows maybe Apple are planning a folding iPhone, maybe they’re not, they may just be testing the water. But whatever happens, we know that Apple tend to wait until the tech has been perfected before adding it into their smartphones.


So I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Until then we can enjoy the plenty of concepts that are on the web today.

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