Google Pixel

Google Pixel

The Google Pixel 2 is coming out soon, but we wanted to find out just how good the current one is! Find out more by watching the video or clicking the link! Music: The Lounge –

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Google’s Pixel 2 phone is almost here!

We wanted to find out just how good the current one is..

It not only takes super cool HDR images, you can also capture 360 degree ‘Photo Spheres’. It even has a ‘Portrait Mode’ where it blurs the background!

You can also film in high quality 4k that is stabilised! So no more shakey videos!

It even comes with unlimited Google Image storage which means you can save and store all your favourite images onto the cloud… for FREE!!!

If you’re an iPhone user and are worried about loosing all of your pictures/songs/contacts and events on your calendar, then worry no more. The Pixel comes with an adapter which allows you to connect it to your iPhone. Simply plug your phones together using the adapter provided and everything will be copied over, with no hassle at all.