Robots Replacing Us?

So, it turns out that Robots are here to take over and there’s nothing we can do about it. They’re even going to be taking over our pets lives. Maybe even their jobs! (Can being our pet be classed as a job?) Well, it might as well be because they’re about to be booted from existence in our lives in favour of their metal counterparts!

Here are 5 Robots that may come take over the world:

Pet Robots

Zoomer Kitty. Yes that is it’s real name.

It’s a smart pet cat, a robot cat. It can feel your touch and purrs in response to it. Zoomer Kitty even does things that your own cat cannot. It can sing! Well hum. It hums three blind mice. (Poetic Irony? Or just trolling)

The Zoomer Kitty is described as a ‘tailed cushion that heals your heart’ So, at least the cat won’t poop in your house. Consequently, saving a lot of money on cleaning materials.

Wait? A tailed cushion!?! Since when did people use their cat as a cushion?!?!?! Most of all, WHO is using their cat as a cushion?

Babysitter Robots

The Cocotto from Panasonic is being described as a robot that can act as an ‘educational companion’ for your kid. Yes that’s called a Playstation 4.

It can talk to your children in a weird robotic sound that sounds something out of a horror movie.

But it can chat to our children and understand what is being said and even ask to go to the bathroom!?

However, the main aim for Cocotto is to build a child’s conversational skills through motion and communication.

Colon Robots?!

Robots  are coming to the medical industry too!

Instead of having a finger up your bottom, or even a camera. Now you can put a robot up there to look for any problems instead!

All joking aside though. The robot can do really good and is designed to ease the passage of colonoscopies to prevent cancer.


Assistant Robots

CLOi from LG is their aim at being Alexa’s smarter sister. CLOi will recognise each family member and interact with them accordingly. Furthermore the smart robot will interact with all the different smart technology in your home. Also, there are Waiter, Porter and Shopper concept versions even exist too!

So, CLOi is kind of like a smart hub, that will interact with every other LG enabled smart tech in your home. Looking at the video above. LG are indeed looking to make their own Alexa. Not just a smart assistant but with a more talkative, human like experience, Smart hub.


Book Reading Robots

Firstly, you don’t even have to read your child a bed time story.

This is Luka. Luka is an intelligent robot that can help your child read any book. As well as this educational aspect, Luka can also teach them good habits. Also, Luka can play interactive games (which are educational too!) As one of them is called the ‘Tooth-Cleaning contest!

Human Robots

This is Simroid. Simroid has been designed to help practasing dental surgeons hone their skills before being let wild at your teeth. The robot is designed to act like a human. It sits in a dentist chair, following orders from budding surgeons. Also, it would even make facial expressions if they make mistakes and cause pain!

Simroid is not just for teeth either. Another version was created to simulate the effects of swine flue. The robot was coated in human like skin. Furthermore, it sweats, moans, cries, convulses – just as us humans would if we were infected with H1N1. Lovely. What’s even more crazy is that the robot can DIE! If the robot is not treated correctly symptoms worsen and then the robot dies.


Astronaut Robots

Furthermore, IMB have created Crew Interactive Mobile Companion. CIMON for short. It’s designed as a companion robot for all the lonely astronauts up there in space on the ISS.

However, CIMON will even help with simple tasks, display diagnostic data and it can even be a friendly psychotherapist due to its complex neural network.

Probably best start packing our bags now eh?

Credit goes to the Metro

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