Kuri is a personal home robot that entertains and even helps around the house, you can even speak to Kiri and the more you speak to him the more the robot learns to understand what you would like from him!

  • Your adorable home robot becomes your personal videographer, automatically sending you a magical daily dose of short ‘life at home’ videos you’ll love, so you’ll never miss a moment.
  • Kuri cruises around your home effortlessly, smartly avoiding obstacles. And rougher terrain, such as carpets and thresholds, won’t hold him up.
  • Kuri quickly learn your home’s floor plan, where stairs are, and which room belongs to whom. Kuri learns the rhythm of your household, can wake you in time for work, and greet you when you come home at night!
  • Kuri speaks robot. It’s a purposeful language of friendly beeps and bloops that are fun to learn. The more you interact with him, the more you will understand
  • Kuri’s array of four directional microphones makes him an excellent listener, and allows him to respond to your voice commands.
  • Kuri’s powerful speakers allow you listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, or audiobooks, wherever you are in the house. From morning music to bedtime stories for the kids, Kuri helps your house sound alive.
  • Whether you’re reviewing the day’s video adventures, or streaming Kuri’s view real-time to your phone, Kuri’s app keeps you connected to your home and life at home.


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