NEW MUSIC (VIDEO) – The Joi-Fuhl ‘Don’t You Worry’


Friend of the show and long time co-host, Funk Butcher has a brand new project and they are known as ‘The Joi-Fuhl’ . They released ‘Don’t You Worry’ back in February and now it has a stunning a picturesque music video to accompany the upbeat, soul and funk infused house track. Directed by Myles Whittingham the video features two twenty-somethings having fun, laughing and frolicking about in a forest throwing painted dust at one another. Generally having a good time, which is what we all love house music for isn’t it. FUN! This track is forcing House music lovers to realise why we all fell in love with the genre in the first place, proving in style that house music is still alive and well and isn’t going anywhere soon!

Check out the visuals above and listen below: