The iPod shuffle’s death marks the end of an era

This week Apple announced that they would be killing off the ipod nano AND shuffle! 
When the nano was launched in 2005 it stole the show from the Motorola ROKR as they were launched alongside each other.
The nano has always been at the lower end of the priority list for Apple as it remained frozen in time even thought it remained a constant on Apples product list.
The nano took the entire idea of an iPod and distilled it down to the purest essence of listening to music, with just a few physical playback controls on the front of the device – no screen, no click wheel, no touch interface.
It’s easy to understand why Apple are kiling off the shuffle, it’s a budget product with a minimal profit margin, but it will be dearly missed.

Spotify 268 000 000 00?

The average Spotify employee salary is how much?!

Spotify recently posted their financials and an employee from Digital Music News was quick to point out that the average Spotify employee salary is $168, 747. The employee’s at Spotify are earning more than the songwriter (producer’s of the music content) themselves!!

“Songwriter Would Need 288 Million Spins To Equal Average Spotify Employee Salary”


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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Gives Away Money to Fans

After tweeting about wanting to help fans from all over the world, fly to the US to watch her in concert, Nicki Minaj then goes on to agreeing to help her fans out by donating money to multiple high-performing college students to pay for their education tuition.


“A hip-hop superstar deciding to make it rain for college tuition on a whim”


Screenshot from Nicki Minaj

Where it all started:

She made many transactions to fans in need, and promises to offer the opportunity to others in a month or two..


One fan on the other hand may be asking for a little bit too much from Nicki with over $250,000  owed.

Fan in debt

A fan in over $250,000 debt asking for Nicki to pay


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Lucky Voice

Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit

Nothing to plug in, nothing to install, just press play and sing along. You can use it on your laptop, play it from your tablet, or sing from your phone.

One account for your PC, Mac, iPad & iPhone.

Remote control

Full screen in HD

Includes thousands of songs, various different playlists and genres including; Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Musicals and many more. Post and share online via social media

Also Lucky Voice have their own ‘ultimate private karaoke experiences’ where you can hire a room around Great Britain including; London, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Brighton and even Dubai.


Possibly the most fun you’ll ever have at home”
“The best karaoke system in the world”


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NEW MUSIC (VIDEO) – The Joi-Fuhl ‘Don’t You Worry’


Friend of the show and long time co-host, Funk Butcher has a brand new project and they are known as ‘The Joi-Fuhl’ . They released ‘Don’t You Worry’ back in February and now it has a stunning a picturesque music video to accompany the upbeat, soul and funk infused house track. Directed by Myles Whittingham the video features two twenty-somethings having fun, laughing and frolicking about in a forest throwing painted dust at one another. Generally having a good time, which is what we all love house music for isn’t it. FUN! This track is forcing House music lovers to realise why we all fell in love with the genre in the first place, proving in style that house music is still alive and well and isn’t going anywhere soon!

Check out the visuals above and listen below: