Barnsley Batteries!

We’re getting closer and closer to cleaner and more greener sources of energy and the UK is helping to achieve that goal. 40 homes in Oxspring, near Barnsley are taking part in a trial which will see their homes fitted with batteries to run on using energy solely generated by local rooftop solar panels.

Battery company Moixa are local solar specialist Energise Barnsley are behind the trial and they hope to create a “Virtual Power Plant” Essentially by linking all the homes together to generate electricity it will help to cope with the demand.

They will a method called bottlenecking in the power grid to stop the solar panel systems from feeding energy back into the network when they generate more energy than the homes need. By using a battery to store the power, it saves it up and spreading it wide between the community uses the energy it creates cleanly in a clean manner instead of dumping it back into the network.

 Moxia boss Simon Daniel said:

“By managing clusters of home batteries in a virtual power plant and allowing homeowners to use more of their solar energy, thereby exporting less, we believe we can significantly reduce peak generation output onto the network. This will allow more homes to go solar without imposing new costs on network operators.”

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!