Google Maps Parking!

Google Maps already tells you how much traffic and congested your drive will be and it may soon tell you when you actually manage to arrive to your destination if there will be some parking spaces and the best place to park!

According to Android Police a new feature detailing just that was found in the 9.44 beta of Google Maps latest update. Spaces are listed as “easy,” “medium” and “limited”

Google owned app Waze introduced a similar feature of its own last year and while Waze can actually help you find a spot, Google’s own app only gives a general overview of the parking situation and it’s not yet clear as to how Google is getting this information.

How this is going to work? Is it limited to public places? Can it tell you if the road you live in is good for parking? No one knows for sure just yet. We’ll have to wait until the official release to find out but this is certainly interesting!

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