Our very own Dev and Marcus Bronzy are a part of a brand new show from O2 called #NewPhoneWhoDis. Testing out all the latest and greatest phones that the market has to offer.

As you know the guys love their gadgets and both of Marcus and Dev have been regulars on our podcast since it’s birth, so we’re very proud that they’ve both been chosen to front this amazing show!

In this debut episode of #NewPhoneWhoDis they’re checking out the Huawei P30 Pro. Now Huawei Phones are well known for their cameras, so how well does this instalment fair up?


How did the guys test the phone’s camera?

Well, like any normal phone user would do, they went around London and took as many different photos as they could. Portrait, normal, zoomed in, all in the name of tech! We have to mention that it is straight out of the box tech here. There wasn’t any adjustments made nor were there any lenses added to it.

Why are they so good?

Well, the Huwaei P30 Pro has four Leica cameras. Yes. That’s right. FOUR!

As it has aa 32MP front camera, plus 40MP, 16MP and 8MP cameras on the rear, with a Time of Flight sensor. Therefore we’d be surprised if your pictures didn’t look any better!

Also, one amazing feature that the guys were especially impressed with was this huge zoom functionality that the P30 Pro has. Not only the fact that it can zoom up to 10x. But the quality remains, even at 10x!

Storage and Battery

So you’re going to need massive storage to hold all these amazing photo’s right? Well the P30 Pro comes with 128gb’s of storage and the battery on it is 4200Ah’s. Giving you between a day and a half to 2 days on one single charge. Very very impressive!

More storage

The P30 Pro comes with up to 128GB storage, meaning more space for shooting and storing photos and video when you’re on the move.

As a result of these two amazing tech enthusiasts coming together and creating a great show. We think that this show is amazing and will only continue to grow, it was shot amazingly in vertical. The way it should be for a show based around phones and they did an amazing job looking at features what people like us want to know about. Yet, remaining entertaining and informational!

So, we cannot wait for what they have in store next!

In the mean time, check out the gallery below of these amazing shots!


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