shirt holder

Shirt holder: How to keep your shirt tucked!

Firstly, no. These aren’t suspenders. The NV S-Holder is an innovative shirt holder which will keep your shirt tucked in all day! It will not move or come out the top of your trousers throughout the day. Consequently it holds your shirt there perfectly! So you may never have thought that you need a shirt holder, but how many times a day have you walked around the office and had to tidy yourself up? Plenty right? No matter how many times you re-tuck your shirt, it always comes back out again.

Why a shirt holder?

The NV S-Holder is an innovative shirt holder that will keep you looking amazingly sharp and tidy! All that you require to know is your thigh measurements and you’re good to go! Since the materials are comfortable and skin friendly so you won’t find yourself awkwardly scratching instead! Furthermore the side straps are adjustable so the NV S-Holder will work with every size and length of shirt!

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