Nuki Smart Lock

Nuki Smart Lock – Control your locks from anywhere!

Nuki Smart Lock – Safe and Smart?

The Nuki Smart Lock is here to revolutionise the home! Everything is going SMART in your home and there is going to be a smart revolution going to take over our homes in the coming months and years.Firstly we feel that 2018 will be the year that the smart tech will really start to become popular. Now the lock to your  home is going smart and it looks incredible! There are quite a number of smart locks available and we are looking at the Nuki Smart Lock here at How To Kill An Hour.

The Nuki Smart Lock allows you to easily control your door using just your smartphone! The Nuki Smart Lock will unlock as soon as you leave your house and unlock automatically as soon as you arrive home. Controlled via the Lock n Go feature on the Nuki smart app or via a button on the smart lock. You don’t even have to physically unlock the door! So your keys and your smartphone will be able to stay in your pocket. So no more patting down to make sure you have got everything! You can even retrofit the Nuki alongside your smartphone to make it work with your existing door lock. You can even set up the Nuki Bridge (Sold Separately) to control your smartlock from across the road!

Furthermore an activity log feature from within the app, highlights a complete list of when users have locked and unlocked the door. Also you are able to manage the permissions of users, setting it to permanent use, recurring or just a one time use.

Additional Features

Furthermore Nuki Bridge allows you to also access and control your lock from the internet! Why? Partner has left their keys at work and needs access to the house? Check if your children arrived home safely?

Since not all of us have smartphones, Nuki have provided a solution. Sold separately the Nuki Bluetooth Fob allows you to also control the Nuki Smart Lock, giving it all the same features as the smartphone users, but in a fob.

Plus you don’t even have to start taking apart your door to fit the Nuki Smart Lock. It can easily be installed inside, or on top of the existing lock. Depending on the over hang of the lock cyclinder the lock can be clamped or glued to the door. Change your mind? The lock can also be removed and leave the door free of any marks or damage!

Purchase the Nuki Smart Lock here! Smart Lock + Bridge here! Bluetooth Fob here!

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