The Pivo is a really cool little device, it’s designed to help you create content with your phone. While making it both professional and fun and easy to make. Think of it as your go-to camera crew. It’s your content creation suite and can be your key to success. The Pivo, or Pivo Pod, can help you create things and give you less things to worry about. Auto Tracking is also available to you when making hands free video calls. So you can talk to who you like, wherever you like, however you like.

As it gives you access to a lot of things that more expensive camera equipment has. Such as Auto Tracking! Wherever you go the Pivo will follow you. While keeping you both in focus and in frame. So you get the perfect shot every time you make a video.

There is also some amazing fun create modes, more than 12 to be exact. Some of them include, Clone Trail, 50/50, Many Me, Magic Edge, Double Take and Tiny Planet! So just strike a pose and have Pivo capture and create your best angle!

Furthermore make your creation process that little bit better with their accessories. Such as the Mounts, Studio, Tripods and cases!

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