Samsung QE65Q950T

We recently tested the Samsung QE65Q950T and it’s one amazing television! It’s last years model but it still packs a punch, it’s got some amazing features on it, such as 8K upscaling and some rather impressive audio features on it too!


Check below for a quick run down of the features:

  • Infinity Screen
  • 8K AI Upscaling with Quantum Processor 8K
  • Immersive 3D audio with Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+)
  • No distractions with One Near-Invisible Cable & No Gap-Wall Mount
  • Smart TV apps: Netflix, Disney+, BT Sport, Prime and more…

Firstly Samsung are pushing 8K with last years televisions and this years televisions. Samsung QE65Q950T has just that 8K capabilities. On an amazing “Infinity Screen” as well, making the television itself look fantastic when it’s on.

What is an Infinity Screen? An Infinity screen is just like your smartphone. It’s an edge to edge display with a near bezel-less display. Not only that it’s has a super slim design which blends in to your home decor. What makes it even better? The near invisible cable and the no gap wall mount.

Everything is connected to the One Connect Box, which is connected to the Television with a One Near-Invisible Cable. Therefore making the mess of wires behind the tv, a thing of the past. Furthermore, the screen is an Anti-Reflection Screen. So the brightness of the sun won’t interrupt your viewing experience!


So, 8K, what about it?

Well 8K is a new generation of picture quality. There’s 33 million pixels, 4 times the resolution of 4K. There is enhanced colours, texture and skin tones than that of 4K.

Don’t have any 8K native content? Well, the Samsung QE65Q950T has the capability to upscale to 9K, with the 8K AI that’s inbuilt into the television. Which will continually optimise the picture sound and performance of what you are watching.

The television will use Deep Learning Algorithms, the QLED 8K will adjust the picture in real time, pixel by pixel. The algorithm will recreate the image texture, edge definition and level of detail. All this at a much higher resolution. Furthermore it will adjust to your environment and automatically adjust the brightness settings to give the best picture. Whether you are viewing at day or night.


The picture technology doesn’t stop there either with the Samsung QE65Q950T. The display has HDR10+ capabilities. Making the darkest shadows dark. The brightness of sun-filled scenes even clearer. Every frame is optimised to deliver the most intense blacks, bright whites and pin-sharp contrast. It will be unbelievably true to life.

Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+)

So, the sound is up another level with the Samsung QE65Q950T, thanks to Object Tracking Sound+. Basically think 3D sound but for your television. The 3D surround sound capabilities of this television will move with the action on screen. So for example, if there’s a helicopter on screen, the sound will follow it! Object Tracking Sound+ places you in the heart of the action for an immersive experience. Thanks to 8 built in speakers on the four sides of the TV.

Adaptive Sound + and Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)

Visuals isn’t the only thing that gets the AI treatment. Thanks to AI Sound you can listen to everything in a different way. The audio will adjust depending on what you are watching. So for example you’ll feel as if you’re in the stadium or hear the action from a movie closing in from all directions. You’ll never miss what your favourite characters in a show is watching. Even over the hum of a vacuum. As, the Tv will adjust to the background of whatever is going on in your room!

Real Game Enhancer+

For all the gamers out there, the Samsung QE65Q950T has AMD FreeSync with VRR. You’ll never get caught out by the bad guys hiding in the shadows thanks to the Dynamic Black Equaliser tech on the panel. Unveiling even the finest details in the darkest scenes. You’ll even be able to use Samsung Multi View to watch the latest walkthrough’s whilst playing! Plus there’s no more screen burn worries!

Smart Hub & One Remote Control

From Live TV to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+ your TV is definitely smart! The universal One Remote Control also gives you control over everything. No need to have multiple remotes! Furthermore the Samsung QE65Q950T let’s you choose to have either Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant as your Voice Assistant of choice! Changing the volume, source, channel and more is so easy with voice assistants.

Mirror your mobile in a tap

Put your mobile on your TV!

Tap View

Simply tap your phone anywhere on your TV to mirror your mobile to the big screen. Whatever you’re watching on your phone, it’s never been easier to cast it to the big screen.

Multi View

Discover new ways to multi-task. Watch your favourite TV show whilst commenting on Social Media, all at once on the big screen.

Personalise your TV to reflect your style

Ambient Mode+

You cannot turn your TV into a functional useable piece of decor. You can set your TV to display useful information or your TV’s to blend the TV into your surroundings.

Make your TV the heart of your connected home

Connected Living

SmartThings is built into the TV so you can control an array of smart devices on your TV. SmartThings works with 1000’s of smart devices too. So control your lighting, scheduling things, monitoring, making smart living simpler.


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