What is a VPN?

First things first: The Internet

So you know what a VPN can do but what actually is a VPN? Well SpyOff VPN have done a detailed breakdown of what a VPN is here. Here is a smaller breakdown of what a VPN is:

The internet isn’t based around www.’s and names of websites. Websites have their own unique URL as does our internet connection. Google may be dislpayed as ‘www.google.com’ on your web browser, but behind that piece of text is a set of numbers. When you type google.com into your web browser, your browser looks for the IP address which is associated to google.com on a DNS server. It finds it and then presents that page to you.


A VPN is a “Virtual Private Network. This technology establishes an encrypted connection between different endpoints. From an internet enabled device to the internet. Depending on the protocol used, this is more or less secure. The information between the two connections is encrypted and no one access it from the outside. Hence the term ‘private’ network.

Your computer will encrypt the data before sending it. Your destination will decrypt the data, create a response to it and encrypt it all before sending it back. This is apparent for all webpages, be that a online game, a shop or a YouTube video. The use of a VPN is very secure because of this.

What is SpyOff VPN

SpyOff VPN is a programme that allows users to view Netflix, but not just any Netflix, another countries Netflix. But there are more benefits to a VPN that you will know about, it’s not all about viewing cool stuff from another country! Although we all know that that’s the main reason why you may want a VPN 😉

Advantages of a VPN

A VPN provides:


No monitoring by your internet service provider

Internet Service Providers monitor what you do an in the US, they can make certain websites load faster than others. They can even throttle (make slower) your whole internet if you go over your agreed limit! With SpyOFF VPN you can surf the web independently and anonymously!

No surveillance by the stateSpyOFF VPN

Your home country can monitor and know what you do, including your entire traffic:

  • Which pages you visit
  • Movies you are watching
  • Messages you read

With the use of a VPN, you can surf the web privately!

SpyOFF VPNNo geoblocking

Geoblocking is a technical term for content that is only viewable in the country that it was intended. For example, if you go away on holiday watching BBC iPlayer and you’re halfway through an Eastenders binge. You get to your destination and you cannot watch it! That’s because the BBC have prevented your holiday destination from viewing it. This may down to licensing or simply the BBC don’t want it viewable outside the UK.

However with a VPN you can change your location to UK and continue watching your favourite soap!

No CensorshipSpyOFF VPN

In some countries such as North Korea or Iran the internet is filtered and censored from the people. Less well known that this happens in nearly every country, not just in restrictive regimes. With a VPN you can surf the web with complete freedom and not be filtered away from content.

SpyOFF VPNLow Cost Offers

Whilst away, you see a cheap flight offer. You return home and it is more expensive! This is due to ‘Dynamic Pricing’ and means that the ticket is sold for the maximum price possible at you current location. For example, people who live in higher income countries are priced higher than those from lower income countries. With a VPN you can change location and save money!

Safe Surfing in PublicSpyOFF VPN

Public WIFI is great, however, it can be a risky thing as you never know who is on the network with you, snooping at your data, activity and passwords! With a VPN you can encrypt your communication and surf the public WIFI securely!



SpyOFF VPN is a subscription based service and pricing can be found here!

Read more in-depth information about SpyOFF VPN by clicking here and reading about their killer features by clicking here!

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