Summerton Whisky Club Exclusive

In a world where the appreciation of fine spirits knows no bounds, the Summerton Whisky Club emerges as a beacon of exceptional whisky experiences. Established in 2018, this members club has been reshaping the whisky landscape by delivering beautifully-aged bottles of whisky directly to the doors of its members every other month. A unique blend of discovery, convenience, and community, the Summerton Whisky Club is on a mission to make whisky lovers’ dreams come true.

The Essence of Summerton Whisky Club:

The Summerton Whisky Club takes pride in its dedication to curating and delivering only the finest whiskies from around the world, setting a new standard for whisky appreciation. Members of the club can savor the world’s most exquisite whiskies, handpicked to create an ever-evolving whisky journey right at their doorstep. This remarkable service takes the hassle out of searching for exceptional bottles, allowing members to relax and indulge in the pleasures of drinking.

The Origins: A Gift with Heart and Soul:

The story of Summerton Whisky Club begins with a heartfelt quest to find the perfect gift. The founder, driven by a desire to surprise and delight his father with a monthly whisky delivery, embarked on a search for a premium spirits subscription service. However, this quest led to a dead end as there seemed to be nothing that matched the vision. Fueled by the belief that others shared his dream of gifting such an experience to their loved ones, the idea for the Summerton Whisky Club was born.

Core Beliefs that Set Us Apart:

Summerton Whisky Club stands apart from the rest with its core beliefs that shape the club’s identity:

  1. Surprises Remain Surprising: The club’s commitment to delivering genuine surprises means that members receive their whisky without any spoilers, keeping the excitement alive.
  2. Broaden Horizons: By consistently offering quality bottles that members are unlikely to find or acquire themselves, the club encourages exploration, helping whisky enthusiasts discover new favorites.
  3. Great Value for Money: The Summerton Whisky Club ensures that every delivery represents exceptional value, never sending out bottles that members could easily purchase for less than the membership fee.
  4. Building a Community: The club transcends traditional subscriptions by fostering a sense of community. Members can participate in virtual get-togethers, whisky festivals, and join an exclusive Facebook group where they can connect, share, and learn from like-minded enthusiasts.

We tried a Single Malt Swedish Number that you cannot get unless you are part of the club…unpeaty, smooth and a nice blend of ages up to 14 years it will be a treat to sip on without ice over the festive period.

The Summerton Whisky Club is more than a subscription; it’s an experience that elevates whisky enjoyment. With an unwavering commitment to quality, an emphasis on the joy of surprises, and a thriving community of whisky lovers, it continues to redefine how whisky is savored and shared around the world. As the club continues to grow and adapt, it remains dedicated to bringing the finest whiskies to the doorsteps of its members, one delightful surprise at a time.

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