Effective Car Tech For Preventing Collisions

Effective Car Tech For Preventing Collisions  

Safety is a top priority when driving, not just for you but also for other road users. While you can do a few things to stay safe on and off the road, some factors are beyond your control and affect your safety. Fortunately, many smart tech devices assist you in driving safer and more comfortably. With recent statistics suggesting a 15% increase in fatality and serious injuries due to auto accidents, it is necessary to take this seriously. Below are five amazing car techs that help you avoid road collisions. 

1. Cross-traffic alert system 

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This technology enhances backup camera safety by notifying drivers of incoming and stationary objects. Cross-traffic alert systems, also available in the front of the car, can detect everything within the camera range, from incoming vehicles to pedestrians, animals, carts and people. As a result, they are extremely handy in scenarios such as backing out of parking spots and crossing intersections. Some cross-traffic alarm systems cover only the back of the car, while others only cover the side. Some also alert the motorist of an approaching object, while others can automatically apply the brakes. 

2. Lane departure warning 

Many newer automobiles have lane departure alerts or assist functions. If you stray out of your lane, this car tech will notify you with alarms, lights, and sometimes steering wheel vibration. The technology is designed to guide your vehicle into its rightful lane. However, some lane departure warning techs are superior to others, although they only function when activated. It is common for many drivers to switch off the beeping warning devices. Lane departure warnings may have minimal effect on auto insurance claims, but research shows they have reduced the number of head-on and sideswipe single-vehicle collisions. 

3. Amber light bar 

LED amber lights and bars are available in various forms to accommodate the vehicle, from first responder cars to construction and tow trucks. They are employed in a range of industries around the country. These lights come in various assortments and are easy to install and extremely visible, making them both effective and popular for collision prevention. Drivers are taught to pay more attention when they see vehicle LED warning lights flashing on the road. Although they are typically used in utility and emergency vehicles, they may also function as fog lights. 

4. Safe driving apps

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Safe driving applications are becoming more significant as a collision prevention tech due to the increasing number of auto accidents attributed to cell phone use and other distractions. Connecting Bluetooth to cell phones, for instance, can avert potential accidents and save lives by enabling hands-free calling, voice texting, and pre-programmed responses to urgent calls. Other safe driving apps allow drivers to use voice commands to manage music, heating, and other devices rather than turning their eyes from the road to turn a knob or punch a button. Accidents can happen in a second, and you can’t afford to take any risks. Fortunately, many of these applications are completely free. They are also inexpensive, simple to install, and function on nearly any car make and model.

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