Spend Less On Fuel With These Tech Upgrades

Looking to save money on fuel? A few gadgets could help you to spend less. Below are just a few aftermarket tech upgrades you can make to your vehicle to help reduce the cost of fuel. 

MPG meters

MPG meters help to tell you exactly how many miles per gallon you’re getting as you drive. This can be a great way to encourage you to drive more efficiently.

Most modern cars already have these meters integrated into the dashboard. If your car doesn’t have an MPG meter, you can buy one. The best MPG meters factor in your acceleration and what gears you’re using to give you an accurate idea of how much fuel you’re burning. Compare these meters online.

Fuel apps

There are various apps that can help you compare fuel prices in your area. If you’re driving somewhere unfamiliar, these apps can be a useful tool for pointing you towards the cheapest gas station so that you don’t end up being ripped off. Such apps are updated by users so may not always be entirely accurate, however in most cases they are. 

Eco-friendly GPS

Most of us use a GPS to find the fastest route. However, some GPS systems can also help you to find the most fuel-efficient route. This could be useful if you’re doing a lot of driving, but you’re on a tight fuel budget.

Most of these GPS systems come in the form of apps. However, you can also buy GPS devices with eco-friendly route planning (some of these are solar powered, so they won’t consume fuel by putting extra strain on your battery). 

Cold air intake

A cold air intake helps to bring cold air into your engine. This in turn can help to improve the quality of oxygen used to burn fuel and can increase fuel economy by around 3 to 5 MPG.

Cold air intakes are good aftermarket upgrades for older cars that may not have great air intake systems. Some modern cars may already have cold air intake systems.

Low rolling resistance tires

Installing a fresh set of tires could also help to improve fuel economy. When choosing tires that will help you consume less fuel, consider light tires with low rolling resistance. 

Fresh tires aren’t the only aspect of your wheels that could help you save fuel. By choosing the right alloy wheels, you can also save fuel. Ideally you want light aerodynamic rims.

Other non-tech upgrades

There are many other upgrades that you can make to your car to save fuel that don’t involve adding new parts. In fact, simply getting rid of things in your car that you don’t need can help you to save fuel by reducing weight. For example, taking off a roofbox when not in use or even removing a spare tire can help you to reduce weight and save fuel. 

It’s worth remembering that older cars are less fuel efficient than newer cars. If you’ve got a very old car and you’re spending a huge amount of money on fuel, consider whether it could be worth investing in a newer car. Modern technology such as start-stop technology could save you money in the long run. 


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