Boosted 105’s – PHAT Wheels

Boosted Board have dropped some bigger wheels! The Boosted 105’s.

Firstly, they want to make transportation fun, fast and simple. The Boosted 105’s are designed to allow riders to ride with confidence. These new wheels will bring a smooth ride, the 105’s are a great size and are very soft too! Bringing with it a very smooth ride!

With the Boosted 105’s you are free to cruise the streets of your city with confidence. As you are able to cruise all over the cracks and bumps in the road with no problem at all! Therefore, just focus on the road and and enjoy the ride ahead!

They’re uniquely designed and Boosted’s engineers have spent hours testing geometries, experimenting with grips and optimizing shock absorption. The result of all that hard work is the Boosted 105’s! Extra soft wheels means extra grippy! The 72a durometer urethane delivers a comfortable ride, giving you extra cushion but firm enough to remain durable for thousands of miles. While the rounded edge of the side walls enhance the smoothness of the ride. There’s less chipping and easier curb climbing. Furthermore the larger wheel to gear ratio will give the Boosted Board a higher top speed! However, in exchange for a higher top speed, acceleration and braking performance is ride feel. So therefore riders will have to make adjustments as the stopping distance will be greater!

The Boosted 105’s are 30% larger than standard wheels and smooth out the terrain. As they feature something called a custom urethane pouring process, which form 12 hollow pockets on the inside surface of each wheel. These pockets give extra space, which allows the soft urethane to flex and compress with the bumps and contours of the road. While not only making the ride smooth but maintaining contact with even the roughest of roads.


So, purchase the Boosted 105’s here!

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Boosted Beams – Boost in the dark!

Boosted Boards are a lot of fun, but when it gets to nighttime it can get a little tricky to ride them safely around town. Boosted have heard you loud and clear and have dropped an amazing accessory for your Board. The Boosted Beams.

Boosted Beams plug directly onto the board via an accessory port located under the trucks (2nd Gen Boards). This fully integrated design means you’ll never have to remove them. Simply charge the board and it’ll charge the lights too! When your board has power so does your lights.  They’re super bright too at a combined 600 lumens!

Ease of use

When you apply the regenerative brake via the Boosted Remote, the rear smart brake light will brighten. Alerting those behind you that you are about to stop or slowing down. Safety is a huge priority for Boosted and these lights certainly help. They’ve gone above and beyond making your Boosted experience that much more enjoyable!

Simply turn on the lights with two quick taps on your remote’s multi-button and you will have light! Two more quick taps and they’ll turn off. You can even set them to turn on automatically via the settings within the Boosted app! Riders can customize their settings, including brightness, blinking mode, and automatic turn on, based on their individual preferences.

The Boosted Beams are also very durable and are built with strong anodized aluminum. Which has been tested with vigour at the Boosted HQ. Designed to mimic real life conditions too. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge they’ll handle whatever you dish out.

Boosted Beams are $199.00 and can be bought here!

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Boosted Rev – Rethink How You Get There

The Boosted Rev!

Can Boosted Boards make the electric scooter cool? Well we just had to find out!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Boosted Boards are moving in to a new direction! They’re adding a brand new mode of transportation to their family of Boosted Boards. Meet the Boosted Rev. An electric scooter and it is very fast! Boosted are well known for creating light, easy to use, electric personal transportation devices and the Boosted Rev is no different. Unlike the Boosted Boards you can ride the Rev in the rain too! (Well, you can use the Boosted Board in the rain but it’s not advisable)

It is very durable and each of the components on the Boosted Rev have been custom designed and manufactured. Including the very impressive proprietary powertrain technology of the Rev. Therefore delivering unbeatable performance and quality. Much like their Boosted Boards.

When we say the Boosted Rev is quick. We mean it. It is unbelievably fast! The Boosted Rev boasts incredible performance for an electronic scooter. It has got powerful dual wheel drive and proprietary drivetrain. Which allows for top speeds fo 24mph, futhermore, it will handle 25% grade hills with absolute ease! This powerful electronic scooter has instant acceleration and very powerful breaks. Giving the rider peace of mind that not only will the scooter get up to speed quickly, they are very safe when riding. Not only that, the Boosted Rev has 22miles worth of charge in it, it has been designed to get you there and back on a single charge. No need to charge it up when you get to your destination!


  • Price: $1,599
  • Range: 22 miles
  • Top Speed: 24 mph
  • Weight: 46.0 lbs
  • Braking: Electronic and mechanical disc brake rear fender brake
  • Hill Climbing: 25% grade
  • Ride Modes: 3
  • Charge Times: 3 hours
  • Lights: Front headlight / rear brake light
  • Display: Speed, battery level, ride mode

Safety in Mind

The throttle wheel allows for insane ease of use, it’s simple and very intuitive. You can also break using this very same wheel. The LED display and custom designed folding mechanism also allows anyone to pick up and play! The effective brakes are very powerful and can react to any situation, whether you are going up hill or down hill. The Rev is very stable due to the custom designed wide tires and strong body work and frame geometry. We felt very confident riding the Boosted Rev and we think you will do.

Purchase a Boosted Rev by clicking here!

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Best Electric Skateboard Ever? – Boosted Stealth

Best Electric Skateboard Ever? – Boosted Stealth

Our very own Marcus Bronzy tested out the new Boosted Boards 'Stealth' – How good is it though?….Find out more here :- mention to DJI x LaCie with the 'Boss Drive'More about that here:- Boosted Model Review:- / Directed by Marcus Bronzy – http://www.MarcusBronzy.comEdited by AR Visual –

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 5 September 2018

We loved Boosted Boards here at How To Kill An Hour, if you remembered our review of  the original city slicker. If you didn’t here’s our run down of what we loved about that amazing board. We even did a little test to see how far it can go on one full charge. However, that board has now been superseded by a new line up of urban travelling personal vehicles. In today’s review, we’re taking the grand daddy of them all, the top of the line, the king of the ring, the Boosted Stealth!

It looks as good as it sounds too:

It’s really fast and even though a 2mph increase in speed doesn’t feel like a lot. Especially for those that drive 2mph is nothing.

However, when it is just you and the board and the open road. Boy oh boy, 2mph is HUGE! The top speed is only eligible for those that use the ‘hyper’ speed mode on the board. We advise riders to get used to all the other modes first before they go IN! As electric skateboards do take some getting used to. It’s not a case of getting on and pushing go! You need to practice!


Here’s a comparison between the previous generations Boosted Board, Boosted Board 2nd generation + Extended Range Battery, and the top of the range current generation of Boosted Boards the Boosted Board Stealth:



The current cost of a Boosted Board stealth at the time of writing is $1699.99 (UK) $1599 (US ex-VAT) the ‘Boosted Plus’ is $1499.99 (UK) $1,399 (US ex-VAT)

To purchase your own Boosted Stealth please click here!

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Boosted Boards. How Far Can They Go?

We love our Boosted Board here at the office, it was a lovely day in London, so we thought we’d take it for a test!

Boosted Boards boast a full charge can reach up to 7 miles…so we charged one up and took it round one of London’s most scenic areas to find out!

Purchase a Boosted Board here!

Episode 247 – Boosted Boards

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