Bottle Flip 2K16


Well, you’ve seen the countless amounts of viral videos from this trend. You’ve seen other viral videos taking the mickey out of the challenge. Now YOU can undertake the bottle flip challenge via your smartphone! Marcus killed some time this week playing Bottle Flip 2K16!

Flip the water bottle and land upright to score. How hard could it be?

To download Bottle Flip 2K16 please click here!  Apple / Android

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Stickman Ice Hockey!



First we brought you Stickman Battlefields now we bring you Stickman Ice Hockey! Enjoy Hockey fun with this fast paced and simple sports game, yet incredibly smooth and with awesome graphics to rival most mobile games this has tons of ‘just one more time’ addictiveness.

Pick your team and go ahead and play in a season or crush your opponent in a quick game. With full control of whether you want computer help from your team mates or controlling them yourself, missing that stop just became a lot lot easier.

To download for yourself please click here: Apple / Android

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Stickman Battlefields!

Despite the name of it being “Stickman” the graphics and textures in this game are actually really good, as the name states its basically a shooting game with stickmen. Just pick your favourite weapons and explosives and go out there and destroy other stickmen or targets in glorious high dynamic landscapes be that a forest or a snowy mountain the graphics do not diminish. Choose to either go lone ranger and play single player or try our your shooting skills in a multiplayer online session choosing to shoot like normal or board a tank to get behind enemy lines and win the game!

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She Wants Me Dead!

Cats Vs Dogs, its the age old debate – Well we think we have found a winner. Dogs. It’s got to be dogs.

After playing this game “She wants me Dead” is based around you, now you are a character called “Max” – Max has annoyed his cat Lula to the extent that she wants to get him. She want’s him dead! Lula is far from cute and cuddly, she’s evil, vicious and cold. Setting intricate traps that are both deadly and brutal to catch yourself in. Scary stuff right! What if your cat is secretly wanting to do the same to you right now?!

She wants me dead is a side scrolling game available on both the iOS store and Google play – released alongside Cazzette’s new single which it shares the same name. It’s not just a soundtrack either, Lula’s traps move in rhythm with the music – so you better hope Max has got the moves otherwise he’s going to be toast!

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If the movie wasn’t good enough to curb your Star Wars fix, Lego have recently launched a Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens app!  Available for free on both the iOS/Google Play App stores (First level free, additional levels unlocked via in-app purchasing) you can both re-live the film and your childhood at once while playing with Lego Star Wars! Play as all of your favourite characters from the movie including Rey, Finn, Han Solo and of course BB-8. Re-telling the story through Lego opens up a whole new world of understanding and new way of immersing yourself in the Star Wars world and all via your phone too!

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Kung Fury: Street Rage

If you know about Kung Fury, then you’ll be happy to know that a brand new game (and FREE!) is available now on Apple/Andriod app stores. Called Kung Fury: Street Rage you get to save the world with Kung Fury and his friends via the world of martial arts! Complete with 80’s 8-bit graphics you’ll get to experience a touch of nostalgia as you punch and kick your way through the plethora of levels. All characters are voiced by the original movie actors so you won’t miss any authenticity which you all loved from the first game. Topped off with one epic boss battle you’ll be sure to miss your train stop in the morning!

To download Kung Fury: Street Rage please see the links below:



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Flip Diving!

Marcus is still in olympic mode and this past week he downloaded a free game from the iPhone App store called “Flip Diving” from Miniclip. Now, this isn’t what you would expect from a diving game, like off of a board. Oh no. This game is about diving off of cliffs, tree’s and even castles into large bodies of water.

Once in the air from a very big height, pull of many different tricks like front and backflips from a wide range of divers and if you get good enough unlock some new tricks for your divers to use. Just don’t hit the rocks on the way down!

To download Flip Diving please see the links below:



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Waze GPS and Navigation

Ever been late to work and thought, if only I knew that there was traffic, BEFORE I left the house? Or I wish I knew that the road works where THERE before I left the house?! Well now you don’t have to worry anymore! (Well, if you have people that are using this app as well as you that is) Waze is a community based gps and traffic app that is based around people around you notifying others of real time traffic and road information, saving every one a whole heap of money, time and petrol!

By using this app you can get to your destination a lot lot quicker due to your friendly neighbourhood drivers letting you know to avoid certain areas because of traffic jams or road works. Not only that but as our roads are always changing there is also map editors who work improve, update and upgrade Waze’s maps. to reflect whats happening in your area to keep as relevant as possible.

If you wasn’t sold as of yet, Waze also offers real time updates on petrol prices so you’ll always be aware of the most cheapest car juice around.

To download Waze please see the links below:



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Let the streaming wars begin!



Jay Z being a business  man once again and ripping off the little guy!

Jay Z already pulled ‘Reasonable Doubt’ off Spotify before he launched TIDAL – recently he has quietly pulled his 2001 Blueprint Albums off of ALL streaming services but his own, (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, GooglePlay)

However you can still listen to the majority of  Jay Z’s back-catalogue on those music services – he’s only pulled BluePrint.