Waze GPS and Navigation

Ever been late to work and thought, if only I knew that there was traffic, BEFORE I left the house? Or I wish I knew that the road works where THERE before I left the house?! Well now you don’t have to worry anymore! (Well, if you have people that are using this app as well as you that is) Waze is a community based gps and traffic app that is based around people around you notifying others of real time traffic and road information, saving every one a whole heap of money, time and petrol!

By using this app you can get to your destination a lot lot quicker due to your friendly neighbourhood drivers letting you know to avoid certain areas because of traffic jams or road works. Not only that but as our roads are always changing there is also map editors who work improve, update and upgrade Waze’s maps. to reflect whats happening in your area to keep as relevant as possible.

If you wasn’t sold as of yet, Waze also offers real time updates on petrol prices so you’ll always be aware of the most cheapest car juice around.

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