Bonus Tech Mobile World Congress

Bonus Tech Mobile World Congress

Marcus Bronzy is currently at Mobile World Congress and he’s seen a lot of brand new cool technology. Below are 3 of the things that he’s seen are bonus tech from Mobile World Congress!

Bonus Tech: SelFly

bonus tech SelFly


This is the SelFly a phone case like no other, it’s a selfie drone. That’s also a case. Yes, our cases are also becoming drones now too! The drone craze is going one step further so we are never away from our drones as well as our phones. The case is only 9mm thin too so there’s not too much added thickness or weight to your phone either. Don’t worry though the case isn’y designed to have your expensive phone fly off attached to itself. So no dropping of £1000 smartphones from 60ft in the sky!

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Bonus Tech: FITT360 Camera

bonus tech FITT Camera

FITT Camera

The FITT Camera is designed to unobtrusively capture your most loving moments in full 360 degrees. Butin first person view, so people will get to see first hand your memories from as if they’re looking through your own eyes! It’s hands free and sits on your neck, you don’t even have to do anything. Just hit record and let go, the camera does all the other work for you. All you have to do is when your ready, hit share on your smartphone! The FITT360 even has GPS built in so you’re able to track and record exactly where you went when using this device. Not out making memories? Simply connect the camera to your smartphone and use it to listen to music via the bluetooth!

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Bonus Tech: 3MK Protection

Bonus Tech 3MK


This was one of the most impressive pieces of technology that Marcus saw whilst at Mobile World Congress. 3MK Protection are a smartphone protection company that’s built on making sure that their protectors, first and foremost protect well. But at the same time keep your phone looking ‘naked’ and as pristine as possible. Whilst there Marcus checked out the Flexible Glass ‘cases’ that they have on sale. Once on, the flexible hybrid glass, looked as though there was nothing on his phone at all. But yet it provides it with incredible protection!

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Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress Day 1

Marcus recently went along to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and saw lots of stuff during day 1, check out a vlog of his time there below:

Mobile World Congress: Samsung S9

The latest update in the hugely successful Samsung S series has been released! The Samsung S9 is this years answer to last years S8. While it doesn’t look all that much different design wise. There’s a lot more going on under the hood of the device that makes it worthwhile. Especially if you like cameras.

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Mobile World Congress: Nokia 8110

Nokia are playing on our nostalgia once again with the success of the 3310, HMD Global are re-releasing the Nokia 8110. This time with a whole new modern and upgraded set of insides. In 1996 the original ‘banana phone’ was made famous by Keanu Reeves in ‘The Matrix’

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Mobile World Congress: HTC Vive Pro

Virtual Reality has been steadily growing over the past year and we have tried a lot of them here at How To Kill An Hour. We liked HTC’s Vive, we thought it was very impressive. But now HTC have upgraded and put rockets on the HTC Vive. Introducing the HTC Vive Pro!! It’s designed to meet the most hardcore of users and gamers in the Virtual Reality world and it is impressive! HTC are calling it the most immersive virtual reality to date.

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Mobile World Congress: Huawei Mate

The Huawei MediaPad 5 is a 8.4″ tablet device with a TON of features that make it stand out from the crowd. For example it has an incredible sound system built in, that uses it’s Histen audio technology. The Histen audio tech creates a perfect soundscape that gives 3D sound that is richer, boldered, layered and much more powerful than anything before.

The Matebook X Pro is the follow up to Huawei’s Matebook which was released in 2017, it has a aluminum body and is thin and light, giving it a very modern look. It comes complete with a 13in 3K LTPS screen. Which Huawei are stating, allows the bigger screen to fit inside a 12″ laptop shell. Thus bringing form factor down.

The Huawei Mate 10 is a smartphone that is HUGE and has a few features up it’s sleeve which separate it from the rest of the pack. Firstly, the Huawei Mate 10 has a FULL HDR display, in glorious 16:9 aspect ratio, making it perfect to watch movies on. It has an almost bezel less design, and a robust glass casing. On both the front and the back of this glorious phone! It’s Android based so all of your favourite apps are capable with it too.

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