Sony RX100 Mk III

Sony RX100 Mk III – A super camera for beginners

Gadgets Jon stopped by recently to give his tips on photography and cameras. He shared what he thought is the best camera for beginners looking to make the upgrade from their smartphone. The camera he chose was the Sony RX100 Mk III.

The Sony RX100 Mk III is a POWERFUL camera for it’s size, boasting a huge 20 megapixels! In such as small device is beyond impressive. It also has a lens that is capable of shooting very wide! (24-70mm) As well bringing more in for photographers to get a hold of in their scene. With an aperture of F1.8 to 2.8 allowing macro capabilities and an electronic viewfinder, it will not be long before users are finding their feet and wanting to leave the smartphone behind!

Furthermore the introduction of an electronic viewfinder allows creators to hold the camera steadily and accurately compose a shot at a very quick pace! Something with the use of screens has eliminated and damaged the beauty of a physical viewfinder! Yet it also has one! Futhermore it’s flippable so it’s perfect for all the vloggers out there, so just flip up the screen and see what your shooting behind you!

The Sony RX 100 Mk III has really good low light capabilities too, so no more noisey dark photos taken from your smartphone! The camera is built in a steady and rock solid aluminium frame giving a very premium finish. That even high end camera’s will be jealous of!

Consequently for all those that like to share their photos on the big screen there is Wifi and NFC built in. Allowing a user to easily share their creations to NFC-compatible televisions and Android phones.

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