Sphero 2.0

The Sphero 2.0 is seriously cool, fun for all ages and has a plethora of uses, ranging from racing, fighting, party games and helping you to learn code!

  • Over 25 apps available for iOS and Android ensure you never run out of ways to play.Internal guidance system includes a gyro and accelerometer.
  • Hackable and programmable internal robot means you can get geeky. Capable of rolling speeds up to 6 feet per second. That’s faster than you.
  • Connects to your device via Bluetooth and boasts a 50+ foot range.
  • Induction charging provides over an hour of full-throttle gameplay.
  • Now 3x brighter, Sphero glows in all your favorite colors for nighttime gameplay – High impact polycarbonate shell for unbreakable, unstoppable play.

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Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Yes! What you are seeing is real!

There is a special Star Wars edition to Sphero and it features the one and only BB-8 Droid. Guide your BB-8 with your iPhone, iPad, or Force Band by downloading the app!

The droid comes with a variety of different modes:

  • Droid Control Mode: lets you use the Force to push, pull, and control BB-8.
  • Combat Training Mode: gives you the feel of wielding a lightsabre, battling with a blaster, or channelling the force.
  • Force Awareness Mode: uncovers digital holocrons in your environment and lets you collect them in the app.

You can even create a Holographic Communication Record and view virtual holographic videos with BB-8!


Download the app for Apple and Android.

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