Spinach Heart

Scientists have found a way to turn spinach leaves into human heart cells that function. Yes. Spinach Leaves.

Scientists pump a detergent through the spinach which strips it of all of its plant cells, turning it into a clear shell made of cellulose. The scientists then culture the heart cells by sending both fluids and microscopic beads through the spinach’s veins to feed the new cells.

It’s safe and potentially a great way to grow new heart tissue. Other methods such as 3D printing aren’t as good as Spinach as printing can’t replicate a complex network of veins which are needed to grow cells. What’s incredible is that the cellulose in the Spinach is bio compatible so you won’t have to worry about your body rejecting it (If it was 3D printed)

It is just research at the moment and is a long way off but if this happens it could be HUGE and not just for other body parts too.

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