Swiss from So Solid Crew stopped by recently to discuss his latest single with Funk Butcher Swipe Delete however, he also mentioned that he has an app out! He has formed a company called Tekspurtz and created a gaming app which is similar to the game flappy bird! It’s called Nadaland and is a side scrolling flap and shoot action/platforming game.

See more information below:


The Nadaland Empire is full of specially bred hybrid birds raised by the Royal Family and turned into soldiers in order to keep Nadaland a safe place. Enemies often try to steal eggs for themselves but are always unsuccessful in their attempts. However one particular individual got lucky…..

You play as Mr Stay Fly – The most advanced hybrid and the most senior guard of the Royal Family. Your duty is to return as many eggs as possible to save the new breed from possible extinction.

The King has an old friend “The Owl of Wisdom” who will help guide and give you helpful hints along the way.

You must battle your way through a wide range of enemies and bosses in order to do so and also did I forget to mention your girlfiend has been kidnapped by the bad guys too!! (can someone say Cliché!!!).

This Demo features:
– The first Level + Boss fight
– Full use of power ups

The Full game features:

– 7 crazy levels each with incremental difficulty
– Bonus Rounds – collect 100 eggs to activate each bonus level where you collect EVEN MORE EGGS!!
– 5 powerups to tactically help you in the right scenarios
– Shooting with unlimited bullets but an overheat feature to avoid spamming and force you to be more tactical! ha ha
– Good variety of enemies and obstacles
– Boss fights!!! yes they come in all shapes and sizes.
– The game is FREE to download but will include IAP’s and Ads – Ads will be an optional watch but give you a chance to get some freebies.
– A Shop with goodies.
– Achievements – specific targets required to gain stars to unlock later levels


-No internet connection required to play!!!
-Some images like the menu and level select screen are still a work in progress and will be finalized in the full version.

(Tekspurtz / GOOGLE)

Download Nadaland here: Apple / Android

Listen to the guys chatting about this by clicking here! 

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