Best Bits of E3 2018 Part 2

Episode 282 – The Best Bits Of E3 2018 Part 2!

Raging Justice

Raging Justice – Be prepared for a nostalgia rush!

Raging Justice is back and it’s coming to the modern consoles and getting a HUGE update!

From MakinGames, an independent studio comprised of old school Rare Studio veterans. The new version of Raging Justice plays a lot of homage to the original. It’s nostalgic and has a lot of 8-bit sounds to take a user back into the arcades where you put money into a machine to play for a until the sun went down.

For those unaware of what Raging Justice is, you take on hordes and hordes of thugs. (Much like Horde modes on Call of Duty or Gears of War) Once you get to the end of the level, you as a user will be tasked of whether or not to arrest the thugs or to destroy them. Are you a bad cop or a good cop?

Depending on what you choose throughout the game will determine what ending you get once you complete it.

Raging Justice: Features

There are a range of different things at your disposal to complete levels, such as a range of weapons. These aren’t just guns, pick stool and throw it at your foes. Choose a baseball bat to knock some blocks off or even use the deadly pigeon! Furthermore, there is even a range of vehicles you can jump on to run down your enemies. Not just a regular vehicle either. Jump on a tractor or a lawnmower to run them down. Furthermore, you’ll be untouchable but if the vehicle runs extremely low on health you better jump out buddy as no one is saving you!

We don’t know about you but we’re very excited for this game!

Raging Justice will be released in 2018 and feature on Mac, PC, PS4, Switch and XBox One

To listen to the guys discussing this on the podcast please click here! We have since played this game and reviewed it on the show which you can listen to here! (Link LIVE from May 31st)

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Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

We love our gaming here at How To Kill An Hour and we absolutely loved Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice. More and more games are becoming more story based. This makes them feel and look a lot like movies, which is something that we feel where the gaming and movie space is moving to in the near future! This is Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice!

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice: Plot

The story revolves around a young woman in a world of hurt, it’s a dark and profoundly deep narative that hooks you in from the very start of the game. The game follows Pict who is a young warrior, her task is to make her way to Helheim. Defeating all the enemies in her path. Why’s she going to Helheim? To rescue the soul of her dead lover from the evil goddess Hela. The game acts as sort of a metaphor, a metaphor for Senua’s struggle with psychosis. Your character, Senua, belives that her psychosis is a curse and is constantly haunted a dark entity called “The Darkness” , the voices in her head, which are known as the “Furies” and the memories from her past.

Purchase Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice by searching for “Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice” in the PS/Xbox/Steam store!

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Yooka-Laylee: Your favourite platformer

This is a FUN game and if you loved Banjo Kazooie back in the day, you’ll love this! This is called Yooka-Laylee and it’s a colourful platformer that everyone will enjoy!
Yooka-Laylee is a team of two mythical creatures that work together to complete tasks and move along the story! Special moves like Yooka’s tongue grapple and use Laylee’s tactical sonar shot to topple the corporate creep Capital B. Why? As Capital B has a devious scheme to absorb all the worlds book’s, then converting them into profit.
You’ll have to solve a huge variety of puzzles and challenges to search for golden bounty known as Pagies. The golden bounty is used to unlock and expand new playgrounds (otherwise known as levels) each jammed to the gills and oddball characters. What’s even more crazy is that they communicate via a collage of burp and fart noises.

Yooka-Laylee: Kickstarter Legend

Yooka-Laylee was funded on Kickstarter in June of 2015 raising £2.1million, not only that they reached £1M in less than 24 hours. Making Yooka-Laylee the mosr funded UK games Kickstarer ever and the second most successful UK Kickstarter of all time. (Until time of writing)

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EGX Rezzed

EGX Rezzed – All gamed out

EGX Rezzed

We recently got the chance to attend London’s biggest gaming event: EGX Rezzed which ran between 13th-15th of April 2018 in Tobacco Dock, London.

What is EGX Rezzed?

Well EGX Rezzed is a video games event that’s the little brother of the guys who bring you EGX in Birmingham each year. The massive games convention in the UK, however, it still features many of the features of the bigger event. You’re able to play pre-release games on both PC/Console, there’s also a strong focus on indie titles! You even have the opportunity to chat to the developers!


We got the chance to check out Codemaster’s newest, craziest racing game yet. It’s called ONRUSH and is available for Xbox One and PS4 this summer! (June 2018) – However, it’s just a build and is no reflection of the main game. However, what we can say is that it’s a lot of fun. By fun, we mean FUN!

Consequently, it’s worth noting that ONRUSH is an Arcade game. Codemasters are marketing ONRUSH as the game to bring back Arcade racing, it’s doing a pretty good job of it too. ONRUSH is a racing game that rewrites the rules of racing. By throwing players in to competition where playing for fun is just as important as winning. Sounds conflicting right. Well, it’s a sport that’s built for the fans, by the fans and ONRUSH, as you can kind of tell by the name. So it’s all about chasing that adrenaline rush. Whilst maintaining that competitive edge to win.

ONRUSH: Features

ONRUSH, within the game, is designed to be a contact sport. Therefore playing it safe will get you no where and simply is not an option in this world. Whilst racing and rushing through the gauntlet in landscapes which are riddled with risk, not forgetting your just as crazy competitors. Users are reminded to put everything on the line when chasing that W! Don’t forget those takedowns!

What we will say that this is a very exciting game and gives you the rewards if you take the risks. It’s the ultimate manifestation of speed and strength, protect your teammates and get those takedowns whilst maintaining the lead. Trust us when we say, you’ll get an adrenaline RUSH!

Within the world of ONRUSH, there are 8 classes of contenders, each having a unique handling style along with their unique abilities and characteristics. Plus they have their own flavour of RUSH!

So, if your interested in this game you can preorder by clicking here!


Before we say any anything. First of all, we got to play Planet Alpha recently and boy is it good! However, we can’t say too much as it was just a build, the game isn’t available until the latter stages of 2018, yet, what we can say is that it looked visually stunning!

Planet Alpha: Plot

Planet Alpha’s plot revolves around a beautiful alien world. So, the story is filled with mystery and danger, as you would expect from an alien planet! So, you’re pursued by enemies and you must use a unique game mechanic, the power of night and day, to survive. As Planet Alpha is richly affected by the solar cycle, as you progress throughout the game, you’ll discover you’ve been given a unique gift. The power to manipulate night and day. You must use this power intelligently to your advantage to progress as effectively and as quickly as possible.

Your character awakes on this alien world, injured, alone and left to your own devices to venture across this planet. Scaling the beautiful and varied, sometimes treacherous terrain to survive. Consequently creating an insanely rich landscape on which this incredible story lives on.

Interested?  We know we are! Yet, unfortunately this amazing game, Planet Alpha is available in Q3 of 2018 – (PC, PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch) So we wait with baited breath! After all they do say that all good things comes to those that wait. We are hugely confident that this will be a very good thing to wait for! Planet Alpha appears to be one of those sleeper titles that just gets you hooked from the very first play!

What is Strange Brigade?

Strange Brigade is your next favourite game! That’s what it is!

Strange Brigade takes users to places that they have never been before. The Plot? Well, simply there are four remote corners of the British Empire. What these remote corners entails no one knows as the shadows linger at their deepest. Who knows about these places the best? The servants of The Crown do and there are some supernatural beings that exist in these places!

Therefore it’s time to introduce the Strange Brigade! It is here where users are taken on an exotic safari, it’s dangerous and few dare to even embark on such an adventure. Why? As few return! As you go along this treacherous safari, you encounter civilisations that have once been forgotten by society, yet they’re fantastic within their own right, all while being shrouded in mystery! Go on adventures that take you to dark tombs and battle unimaginable evil!

Strange Brigade: Plot

You take on one of four adventurers or explorers. Each of the characters available to you have their own special powers, weapons and even tactics! The campaign takes you across a 1930’s era landscape and play with up to 4 friends along this action packed safari! However, as with many exotic plots, be aware of fighting armies of mythological characters that have been unleashed by an ancient Egyptian ruler: Seteki The Witch Queen. She’s so evil she has been wiped from hieroglyphs! So beware! To help you along the way there are secret caves around the safari. Why are these so special? Well within these caves there’s buried riches. Find these to help you along the way!

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Arcade Hotel

Love Gaming? You’ll Love This! – Arcade Hotel

Arcade Hotel Amsterdam

We went to an amazing hotel in Amsterdam. The Arcade Hotel! Check out the video below to see how we got on!

Love Gaming? You Will Love This Hotel!

We went to Amsterdam recently to check out the famous The Arcade Hotel If you love gaming, you will love this…Marcus Bronzy Funk Butcher Nick Bright DJ Ace

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 18 January 2018


As the Arcade first and foremost is a hotel and comes with a wide range of rooms to suit your needs. The Arcade Hotel caters for singles, couples and groups and they all have their own unique gaming related nickname. For example a single person room is titled 1 Player. The rooms that are available if you’re a 1 Player sort of person are: “Love Shack” and “Highlander”. Whilst if you’ve got a tag team partner and you’ll be able to pick up a 2 Player room: “Luke and Leia” For the 4 Player teams out there you can pick up a room called “The Fantastic Four” or “Double Impact” Each coming with their own unique twist.

Tech Wall!

Arcade Hotel Tech Wall

Arcade Hotel Tech Wall

Each of the rooms come fitted with a “Tech Wall” which have big televisions on complete with an Nvidia Shield as standard alongside a modern and retro console. Plus you get your own gaming couch to play in complete comfort!

Arcade Hotel Gaming Couch

Arcade Hotel Gaming Couch

Retro consoles

So, you get a retro console in your room. But which retro console do you get? Well, that is, is a secret. The Arcade Hotel won’t tell you which console you get as their sworn to secrecy! Guess you’ll have to find out on arrival!

Arcade Hotel Retro

Arcade Hotel Retro

However, there are a wide range of consoles available to you in other areas of the hotel. The gaming isn’t just limited to your room. There’s other areas where you can get your game on and show other visitors of the gaming hotel who’s boss!

Gaming Lounge & Library

Arcade Hotel Gaming Wall

Arcade Hotel Gaming Wall

There are other gaming spaces available to visitors located next to the cafe and bar. While our rooms are very cool and we could have spent hours playing all of our favourite games in there. Arguably this was one of the coolest areas of the hotel.

Arcade Hotel Gaming Lounge

In this area there is literally every retro console that you can think of available to you. Not only that there is a HUGE gaming library. (The whole wall) That you can access with some high quality gaming classics to play. We could have spent months in that room alone!


Gaming suite

Arcade Hotel Gaming Suite

Arcade Hotel Gaming Suite

If you want to get a bit more high tech and away from all the old school gaming, you can check out the gaming suite known as the Game Room!

In here there are:

  • VR Consoles (HTC Vive)
  • 6 TOP OF THE LINE gaming PC’s (Which are also networked up for multiplayer)
  • All of the modern consoles (PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One) with a HUGE gaming library, displayed on two big screen LCD’s
Arcade Hotel Gaming Suite

Arcade Hotel Gaming Suite


To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!


Amsterdam obviously!

Here’s the location though:

Book a visit to the Arcade Hotel by clicking here! (map below).

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World – Defeat the Monsters!

Monster Hunter World

We recently got our hands on the incredible monster fighting game Monster Hunter World.

Players embark on incredible gigantic epic battles against huge monsters! These monsters are living in a variety of habitats be that in the water, within caves or roaming the grassland.

The aim that you have is to defeat as many of these monsters as possible. Taking and recieving materials from the corpses of the monsters that you slay. Then using these materials yield stronger weapons and armour to take on the most dangerous of monsters. This game is co-op and we had a lot of fun taking on the monsters as a team of four!


There is a story element of Monster Hunter World too, which is just as fun as the co-op!

Once every decade, elder dragons travel across sea to a place called New World, this act is known as ‘Elder Crossing’. This phenomena has confused and intrigued the ‘Guild.’ (The team that you are a part of) Forming the ‘Research Commission’ the Guild are hoping to learn more about the dragons. Your journey begins when the Fifth Fleet is sent in pursuit of the elder dragon ‘Zorah Magadros’

To buy Monster Hunter World please click here! (Available on January 26th 2018 on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One)

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!

Batman The Enemy Within

Batman The Enemy Within – Point and Click Game!

Batman The Enemy Within – Your New Point and Click Game!

Batman The Enemy Within is the sequel of the hugely successful “The Telltale Series”. Published by Telltale Games and distributed by Warner Bros, the game follows an episodic format.

Both Bruce Wayne and his alter ego are forced into situations and roles that they have yet to experience. An old foe in The Riddler has returned to wreck havoc on Gotham City, while gruesome his puzzles may be. While is something a lot worse going on within Gotham City.

A players actions by either dialogue and physical effects the story of Batman The Enemy Within immensely. Yet a player will be approaching as Bruce Wayne or Batman, players have to decide what to do to move the story forward.

Batman The Enemy within follows a similar run to that of Netflix TV shows, releasing episodes in monthly intervals.

1 “The Enigma” August 8, 2017
2 “The Pact” October 3, 2017
3 “Fractured Mask” TBA 2017
4 “What Ails You” TBA 2018
5 “Same Stitch” TBA 2018


Bathman The Enemy Within is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. So you have got no excuse to not check it out!

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Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer

Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer

Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer


We recently got invited to play Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer at a secret location in London, England. Everything outside the location looked normal, you wouldn’t think something incredibly cool was going on inside. While inside was decorated to look very gritty and like a World War 2 bunker, we felt like we had time travelled back in time! While there we got to play 3 differen modes, surprisingly with the developers, Sledgehammer games.

This was A LOT of fun as we got to learn about the game as well as play with some really cool people. Most noteworthy is that the learning curve is as easy as ever. This is a Call Of Duty game after all, which plays a lot like the series of old. We felt like we had Call of Duty 2 in our hands, we loved the old game and this is even better. We liked the nostalgia feel that this took us back to what made Call Of Duty, Call Of Duty. While remaining modern with things such as kill streaks. So those beware of those campers!

Check out each of the videos below for some more information of the game types!

Team Deathmatch

Not much to explain with this game mode. If you’ve played a lot of Call Of Duty you know the score. If you haven’t, this game requires you to get as many kills as possible in a 10 minute match or first to 100. (or whatever the server host decides if it’s a private match) Killstreaks (extra abilities that you get once you achieve x amount of kills without dieing. Increasing in devastation as the amount of kills you get before you die) apply here as well. Keep an eye out for the SICK double kill Marcus achieved in this match.


This is an upgrade on the old ‘Uplink’ mode of Call of Duty multiplayer. Instead of a Satellite, as in Uplink, you have a ball and two goals placed in the bases of each team. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible before the time runs out. You can still shoot one another and your scorestreaks work as they would in Team Deathmatch, you can pass the ball too. You get 3 points for throwing the ball into the goal and 6 points for a touchdown and that, basically is Gridiron.


War is an objective based mode that requires you to work as a team to complete mini missions. They’re time based objectives, so it’s vital to complete all tasks before time is up. We had to complete Operation Neptune, based on the D-Day landings. One half of the match requires you to work as the allies and storm the beach of Normandy. The other puts you in the shoes of the German axis tasked with pushing the allies back on to the beach.



Finally, a huge thank you to Michael and the team of Sledgehammer games for their time, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Even if we did lose each time!

Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer

When and where to buy?

Call of Duty World War 2 releases Friday November 3rd on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

Purchase Call of Duty World War 2 please click here!

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Call Of Duty World War 2 Developer Interview

Call Of Duty World War 2

Developer Interview: Michael Condrey

The How To Kill An Hour team recently headed down to a super secret, top location in London to play Call of Duty World War 2. There’s A LOT more gameplay content available for you soon! So keep an eye out for that! There won’t be any disappointment, that much we will say! However, check out what happened when our own Marcus Bronzy had an interview with chief operating and development officer of Sledgehammer Games, Michael Condrey.

Michael and Marcus discussed everything from the story mode to the multiplayer and even touched on the fan favourite: Zombies! Call Of Duty World War 2 is built for entertainment purposes. But the game is based on an important aspect of the world’s history, which brings authenticity and respect to the young men and women that lost their lives during one of the worlds most devastating wars. Michael really goes deep to tell us and explain what extensive lengths the Sledgehammer development team went to researching World War 2. To both teach themselves and those that play that game what went on during the times of 1939-1945.

Another interesting soundbite from the interview with Michael is how the guys put a stop to one of their developers! Sledgehammer Games hired an ex-pro, MLG star, Rambo Ray who kept on defeating all of us. So the devs put something in on their play tests to put him down a peg or two. Did it work? Check out the interview above to find out!


Finally, a huge thank you to Michael and the team of Sledgehammer games for their time, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Call of Duty World War 2 releases Friday November 3rd on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

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