Government W*nk

A new national censor is expected to be put in place by the government which effectively tells you what you can and cannot pleasure yourself to!?!

According to campaigners at Open Rights Group, amendments will be made to the Digital Economy Bill which mean that this national sensor will have the power to enforce a block on sites not just on content & if ya favourite pornstar library doesn’t add age gate to it – that too could be added to a blacklist.

An exec director over at Open Rights Group – Jim Killock, said of the changes:

“In the short term, this is likely to disproportionately affect sexual minorities. However, there are wider implications for free speech. Once this administrative power to block websites is in place, it will invariably be used to censor other content. MPs have already asked why other material that is unsuitable for children is not being censored.”

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!