Facebook Broken

Is Facebook Broken?

Is Facebook learning what you like and manipulating the posts you see?

Have you noticed that you are only shown a handful of your friends post on Facebook? Well that is because Facebook learns what you like and actually influences you to connect closer with certain people. Say for example, you ‘like’ a post or picture of pizza, if you ‘like’ several pictures of pizza it is more than likely that your Facebook feed will start to show you more pictures of pizza. Or the more you engage with posts from a particular user, the more often their posts are shown to you.

Facebook creates a small ‘in-group’ cluster of Facebook friends and topics that dominate your feed, as you grow accustomed to interacting with them, this changes your behaviour, leading you to interacting with them all the more. This then reinforces their ‘in-group’ status and basically isolates you from the rest of your Facebook friends.. or the ‘out-group’.

Strange huh!

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