Never Trust A Robot

Credit: Engadget

Credit: Engadget


I’d never thought I’d be saying this, but Will Smith was right all along. NEVER TRUST A ROBOT!

A test was carried out at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to see how we as humans trust robots with our safety in potentially life threatening situations.

30 unsupecting victims started out this test by following the slimeball evil robot, down a hallway and into a room, where they filled out a survey. All seems fairly harmless enough right? WRONG!

Then the kind folk at Georgia Institute set off a smoke alarm went off and simulated smoke filled the hall.

What was about to happen next is absolutely evil and revolting from the robot, it would then lead them through the smoke down a new path, and towards a door they’ve never seen before. It’s here where you think, nah this must be wrong, f*ck this robot, my iPhone always tells me I’m running out of storage when I’m not, not going to trust ol’ Timmy the Tin can here. Nope wrong again. The subjects followed the robot to their apparent deaths (not real deaths couldve been though if it were a real life situation)

Anyway, these dumb folk could have easily exited through the clearly marked path they originally came through. But no, they trusted their life in a machine. 26 of the test subjects ended up following Timmy, while two never left the room (the other two were kicked out of the study, for seeing how silly they are I guess.)