Oral Genius!

Credit: Cnet

Credit: Cnet

Again lads, calm down its not what you think (although that would be pretty sweet no?)

Oral B ( the MASSIVE toothbrush company) have made an even smarter toothbrush – Oral B Genius.

It has a location tracker (If I lose my brush I can find it!) , a timer (Bet I can brush my teeth faster than you!), a speed adjuster if you brush too hard or too softly, and it also includes an accelerometer to detect the angle and tilt of the brush.

That’s all very impressive but when coupled with a smartphone which is cradled on a mirror utilising the front facing camera it can detect where your teeth are and where the toothbrush is in relation to your gnashers

It is here where a 6 segment diagram highlights where you have brushed and where needs to be cleaned that much better, 

It even has reports on how well you cleaned your teeth and set reminders to brush your tongue, so dont forget those achievements!