Record Breaking Batman Cosplay!


Batman, Arkham version, Our favourite Comic Book Character has been brought to life in the form of a WORLD RECORD BREAKING COSPLAY SUIT.

Basically it is a bad ass Batman Suit, that blows all other Batman cosplay suits out of the water. Its so good it even could rival the movies. It has been entered into  Guinness World Record books for the most functional gadgets on a cosplay costume. It 23 working gadgets, including smoke spray, fire ball sprays, a bat signal torch, magnetic bat boomerangs, GPS! Bat claw – you name it he has it. Julian Checkley, sorry Batman is the don that made the suit that is based on the Arkham games. Julian is a Special Effects master by trade and spent 3 months making it. But I have done enough talking. Just watch the video above in awe.

If that isn’t enough, check this video out! 

Hear the guys talking about it episode 55 by clicking here!