BfB Labs!




This week we had the guys from BfB labs down for a chat through their products which help with “emotionally responsive gaming for better mental health”  Now, BfB Labs is a new social venture created by a company called Shift Design that is setting out to bring Emotionally Responsive Gaming to the world. Which is a games which respond to a gamers emotional response to those games and reward those who are exceptionally good at them.

The games are challenging in three different ways, physically, mentally and emotionally training gamers in emotional control, building resilience and promoting wellbeing in the user.

Now you may be wondering how our emotional/physical response to said games be recorded? Well the BfB labs record this via an ear clip monitor which monitors a users emotional state by tracking their Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Their first title in their library is Champions of the Shengha, a fantasy card battling game. Challenging you to defeat opponents with a combination of strategy and self control to becoming an ultimate Shengha Warrior. With regular play the user will learn how to control stress, anxiety and frustration rewarding them as they go throughout the game.

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