Bionic Bird!

Bionic Bird is a half drone, half bird gadget that is absolutely incredible! All controlled via the ultra sensitive flying app on your smartphone and fly with a range of 100m!

The drone is designed in the shape of a bird and flies just like a bird, to create a unique flying experience. that is close to nature as possible! It has incredible amounts of technology built into it furtive and biomimetic the Bionic Bird is packed with patented with micro-technologies!

Included in the app is a guide showing you how to fly and control the bird, as well as the numerous ways to control and fly the bird such as holding your device with one hand and tilting the phone or like a steering wheel and holding the smartphone sideways and control it like a wheel.

We loved it here at How To Kill An Hour, even if we had a bit of trouble flying it at first we soon got to grips with it and killed an hour with it! We even had to prize it away from Marcus’ hands at one point!

Buy the Bionic Bird here!

Download the Bionic Bird App here!