Anki OverDrive!

Remember Scalextric as a kid and how much fun that was pretending to be your favorite racing driver as you weave in and out of the dining room table legs before eventually crashing at the corners, because you didn’t listen to your Dad and went full speed all the time?

Well, get prepared to have some incredible nostalgia, this week on How To Kill An Hour we got to play with Anki Overdrive (video above) and this is Scalextric for the 21st Century! Each car is driven by the Anki app on your iOS or Android device and is driven on long, wide pieces of plastic track which can be altered however you want, there’s accessories that you can buy to make banks, bridges and even a cross over section for impending crashes! What’s even more impressive is there is Mario-Kart like abilities where you get to shoot down the other cars!

Also, each Supercar is a self aware robot that is driven by incredible artificial intelligence with the ability to learn whatever track that you build. So you don’t even have to have someone racing with you, you can race the other cars! Wherever you drive the artificial intelligence cars will chase you down! You don’t even get a chance to out run them because the better you become the better they become!

With constant software updates the game will always be fresh, coupled with the ability to customise weapons, swap cars and build new tracks there’s hours that you could kill playing this!

Also there’s much more to Anki OverDrive than just racing:

(Information pulled from AnkiOverDrive Official website)

  • RACE

    The first to the finish line wins, so step on the gas.


    Take aim at your opponents, score big, and win big.


    Put your driving skills to the test in a race against the clock.


    Chaotic fun as players battle for the crown to see who rules the road by holding the lead position the longest.

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Price: £149.99