UK Are A Nation Of BingeWatchers!

79% of us adults in the UK (40million out of 66million people) are now apparently binge watching our content and watch multiple episodes of a TV series in one sitting. Ofcom compiled the following stats to show us how much we sit in front of the tele:

35% of us bingewatch every week
55% on a weekly basis
70% of us found it relaxing
24% of us discuss shows with friends
25% binge because of afraid of spoilers
16% feel pressured to keep up with others
32% of us admit they watch too much tv
35% have taken steps to cut down by rationing what they watch (19%) or find another hobby (10%) or cancelling (4%)
53% of children aged 12-15 binge watch
16% of the over 65’s bingewatch
Of the over 65’s 59% said they prefer 1 episode a week model.


Streaming services:

Most popular is BBC iPlayer with 63% of adults saying they use it.
iTv Hub is 40%
YouTube sits at 38%
Netflix is 31% and recorded TV sat dead last at 28%