@SavedYouAClick fighting Fake News!

If you weren’t aware of Twitters ‘@SavedYouAClick’ account, the account says what it does on the tin and “Saves You A Click” from click baiting headlines and URL’s in a quick snappy headline.

The person behind this god like account, Jack Beckman, is now fighting against the next worst thing on the internet, ‘Fake News’ In an age where ‘Fake News’ can account for a candidate winning the Presidency of the United States we need someone to filter out the fake from the truth and Beckman is here to help with that. As a whole news media is arguably broken, fake news spreads like wildfire (if done well) and across multiple platforms, be that questionable Facebook pages and websites designed to look exactly like a reputable news outlet.

Beckman has created a new Twitter page, a sister page if you will “@SavedYouATrick” designed to tackle fake news and he has already began debunking a bunch of fake news articles and sites, many of which are either intentionally misleading or outright wrong – however, Beckman will not be touching satire news articles and sites.

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!