US Army Star Wars Hoverbike?!

The US Army have tested a hover bike that could one day be used in combat…..but don’t get your hopes up for a Star Wars esque type land cruiser, this type of hover bike is designed to drop aid, equipment and supplies to troops and the needy in a war zone.

The US Army saw the campaign for this concept on Kickstarter and got in touch with UK based company Malloy Aeronautics and now they’re working together on this project to build a much bigger version of their original concept being dubbed the “Joint Tactical Aerial ReSupply Vehicle” It is planned to fly up to 125miles at 60mph with a load of 800lbs.

In a video on Mashable the hoverbike was nothing more than a small drone. However on Malloy Aeronautics website it has seen to be manned! What comes of this remains to be seen but this looks very exciting! See video below:



To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!