Rainbrow: Gaming with your eyebrows?

So, that shiny new iPhone X you have got? The one where animoji’s where cool for all of a week? It has a new use for the front facing camera! Your eyebrows! Introducing Rainbrow!

What about them?

So, you can now use them to play a game of Frogger. Well technically. Rainbrow is a brand new game that lets you navigate across a rainbow with your eyebrows. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You have to control a face emoji with your eyebrows. So, move down it by frowning and yes, you’ve guessed it, you move up the rainbow by looking shocked. Furthermore in a Super Mario star move, get enough points and you can crush everything in your path! As a result, no deaths either!

Most of all, make sure you play in a well lit room, otherwise the game won’t work.

Download Rainbrow here!