US asks for Social Media Accounts?!

If you want to travel to the US under the visa waiver program you will now have an optional question to fill out in the ESTA form. (Electronic System for Travel Authorization, basically a form which you have to fill out to get into the United States)

It reads: “Please enter information associated with your online presence,” along with a drop-down menu for various social media outlets and a text box for the username associated with each one.

Reportedly this was introduced to help identify Terrorist threats and was suggested way back in June 2016. It has just passed the DepDepartment of Homeland Security has approved the controversial proposal on December 19th.

There has been a lot of worry about this of course due to privacy risks and there is a worry that discrimination would “fall hardest on Arab and Muslim communities, whose usernames, posts, contacts and social networks will be exposed to intense scrutiny.”

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