Cornerstone Razors – A better way to shave?

We were recently received a Cornerstone Razor at the office. And we wanted to see if this razor on demand service lived up to all the hype.

img_0570The service allows you to customize your own shaving package, they send you a razor base which you can choose to engrave, and then every month they’ll send you a bunch of cool extras such as new blades and facial scrubs.

The packages work around you, meaning that if you only shave once a month, you can make a package that fits around little you shave. And if you want more gel or facial scrubs, you can just add them to your box. Simple!

When I heard all this, I was intrigued. I wanted to know just how good these razors are and if they could beat the ones you find in the shops. And so I did the unthinkable, and decided to shave!


The blade was surprisingly incredibly easy to use, it glided across my face with ease, and not once did it feel like it was pulling hairs out by force. It’s one damn sharp razor!

While the razor base is small, it’s quite easy to grip and it never felt like I was wrestling with it to move somewhere.

It was one of the easiest shaves I’ve had in a long time.


While I didn’t brave the full shave, I enjoyed the smooth and oddly satisfying stylings I got to make with the Cornerstone razor. I love the fact I can build and customize my own package, making it feel like a full shaving kit in one.

For anyone looking for a replacement from tired old razors, Cornerstone razors are your best bet for a smooth shave.

You can try Cornerstone just £4 at:

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Alternatively you can use the offer code: HOUR 10