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Hollywood remakes: No new ideas?

We love movies here at How To Kill An Hour, we love enjoying them, we enjoy debating about them, we like to discuss what would make a good movie. But are we running out of original ideas? Hollywood remakes seem to happen each year and MusicMagpie took a deep dive into the history of cinema. […]

FORD EDGE: Ice Driving

  Ice Driving with the Ford Edge ST Line Well Feburary is the month of love for some…..but for #HowToKillAnHour it is the month of CARS!As well as our usual talk around the world of tech we will be looking at a few whips that are packed full of tech….Kicking off with the new Edge […]


In what seems to be another program/OS adopting the beautiful dark mode phenomenon. Let’s be honest it does look GOOD! Apparently there will be a Google Chrome Dark Mode! According to 9to5Google reports there will be a dark mode for everyone’s favourite browser. Allegedly macOS and Windows10 will get this feature and is currently in the testing phase […]

ESkate Hub

We’re big fans of electronic skateboards here at How To Kill An Hour! We’ve been informed about an incredible website dedicated to one of our favourite ways of getting around. It’s called Eskate Hub. Eskate Hub has got a LOT of information on Electronic Skateboards. For example, it details what exactly an E-Skateboard is. Plus it […]

Pure Siesta Charge

This brand new DAB radio from PURE will bring you some incredible sound AND charge up your phone! We don’t know why anyone else hasn’t thought of this before! It’s called the Pure Siesta Charge and is available for £130 The Siesta Charge combines all the great features of Siesta range from Pure but there’s […]


This is the Method 2 prototype, a massive robot from Gunpo, South Korea. It looks like ED 209 from Robocop. (Younger readers Google ED 209, then go watch the incredible movie Robocop movies from the 1980’s and 90’s! While they’re vintage, they’re amazing!) We’re coining it the HulkBot! The guys from VICE went to Gunpo and […]

Pocket Pico Wireless Projector

There is a super cool, super small projector from Kodak that we just HAVE to tell you about. It’s called the Pocket Pico Wireless Projector and it just works. It’s got a simple plug and play feature as it works straight out of the box. No headaches! The Pocket Pico Wireless Projector, easily connects to any mobile […]

Ambeo Smart Headset

Firstly. this headset from Ambeo is INCREDIBLE. What’s different about these headphones than every other headphones? Not only does the Ambeo have active noise cancelling and Transparent Hearing. It also has special microphones built in to each earpiece. So, what do they do? Well, they allow for the capture of 3D sound to compliment the […]

Lexus Design Award Finalists 2019

2019 LEXUS DESIGN AWARD FINALISTS ANNOUNCED First of all, these designs are amazing! So, the finalists for the 2019 Lexus Design Awards have been announced! There’s a total of 6 of them, chosen from over 1,500 entrants. They’ll now get to develop their ideas with the help of Lexus. The Lexus Design Award highlights how […]