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Disney Plus is winning streaming wars?!

Well it looks like Disney Plus is doing very very well indeed! The latest numbers have recently been announced and Disney Plus has taken a huge leap in the streaming wars and heading straight for Netflix! In the last quarter of 2020, Disney Plus closed in on Hulu and almost took over the 3rd largest […]

Hacked Willy

This man had a Hacked Willy, now we’re not saying that it’s some sort of bio hack where he has a super strength willy, or it’s really F’ing big, or becomes super willy at the turn of a switch. Oh no, this guy had his willy hacked. He had his penis inside a chastity cage […]

Hitman 3

Hitman is back! The assassination franchise that everyone loves is making it’s way to the next gen in Hitman 3. However, it’s still available for the previous generation of consoles. So, the bald barcoded hitman, Agent 47, can still be enjoyed by those not upgrading their consoles just yet. Hitman 3 is the conclusion in […]

What Does The Future Of Vehicles Look Like?

Photo by Mike from Pexels Technological innovation seems to be ramping up exponentially, decade after decade, and that’s extremely exciting. It’s also shifting the norms of… well, everything.  This is especially true of vehicles, as the automotive industry is currently undergoing rapid change, with every mainline manufacturer doing their best to try and get ahead of the electric […]

Doug Ford: Please Stay At Home!

Good Morning, Ontario. I want to thank everyone who has been staying at home these last few weeks. I know it’s tough, but we are starting to see our hard work pay off. In case some of you need a reminder, I’ve tried my best to be clear: please stay at home. pic.twitter.com/Wvur2UsD6S — Doug […]

Car Buying During a Pandemic

Wouldn’t it be great if all of us were in the market for an Audi E-Tron?  Maybe you are lucky enough to have one of those in mind, or perhaps you need something a little less ambitious.  But chances are, if you need a car, you need it now, not later when COVID 19 pandemic […]


We’ve recently given the VECNOS IQUI 360 degree camera a spin and it’s a great little camera! It has a Quad-Lens Optical System with captures everything around you. The device looks great too and is beautifully designed, it is small like a pen and has a metallic finish to it. Furthermore it is light like […]

Bill Gates Answers Common Interview Questions

For Steph Curry’s official YouTube channel, Steph is doing a series of exclusive interviews called “State of Inspiration” In episode 1 Steph features one of the world’s leading executives and philanthropists, Bill Gates. They discuss on the secondary problems that have arisen due to COVID-19, primarily food insecurity, education (remote learning), and unemployment. While they also […]