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Going Under – The Craziest Internship

Ever had to do an unpaid internship? Ever thought how bad it was or that you thought you weren’t going anywhere? Well this brand new unpaid internship is about to change all that and it’s going to get very exciting indeed! Not only can you earn your stripes. Get valuable experience. Learn incredible skills. But […]

Selfie Editing: The most popular apps for Brits!

Us Brits like to edit our photos. With just 29% of us posting a photo online without editing it. While London is the capital for those who edit their photos, with 81% of Londoners opting to not post a photo without touching it up. While Scotland has a slightly less number with 81% of people […]

How To Slash Your Bills In One Hour

If you’re looking for ways to save money and make your income go further, you need to take some action. Making some quick and easy changes to your spending could help you free up some money and finally help you reach your savings goals – no more scraping by until your next payday. Want to […]

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota have released a brand new hybrid car, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid! Way back in 1994, Toyota launched the original RAV4. This brought with it a new kind of car that could go anywhere and it had the rugged stance of an SUV. While it had the compact look of a hatchback. It made it’s […]

Marvel’s Avengers Exclusive Virgin Media Skins

Are you a Virgin Media customer? Are you a gamer? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then have we got some good news for you! All Virgin Media customers are eligible to get timed exclusive Marvel’s Avengers skins! They’re applicable to all six of the Marvel’s Avengers main characters and are exclusive […]

Train Sim World 2

All you simulator fans out there prepare for the next installment in simulators. The guys over at Dovetail have created a brand new Train simulator game called “Train Sim World 2” due for release on 20th August 2020! Train Sim World 2 allows users to take control of iconic locomotives on high speed services. Even […]

Honey, I Joined A Cult The Game

This game looks mental. Cults are usually a bad thing.  A bit mental. Very crazy and downright explosive. Nothing ever goes right when it comes to a cult. Want to join one? Honey, I Joined A Cult Plot In Honey, I Joined a Cult, the newest game from Team17. Players undertake the management of their […]

Paper Mario: The Origami King – 7 Beginner Tips

Mr Midas your RPG specialist has taken Paper Mario: The Origami King for a spin and has compiled a beginners guide with 7 helpful tips! Paper Mario takes your favorite plumber (who does basically anything) and makes him a piece of paper! The Super versatile Mario brother can do almost anything, we see him, driving […]