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How long will your toilet paper last?

There’s a toilet paper calculator to help you know how long you’ve got left based on the amount of rolls you have and the number of toilet visits you take per day. It’s called How Much Toilet Paper?! So helping during the time where people panic buy outrageous amounts of toilet paper. We love talking […]

Twitter Fake Tweets Removed!

Twitter are cracking down on fake tweets during the coronavirus outbreak. Tweets with promote fake treatments or deny expert guidance will be marked as harmful. Then removed. Content like this could place people at a high risk and contravene it’s safety rules Furthermore this could include claims that specific groups are more susceptible of contracting […]

Facebook / Instagram lower video quality in EU!

Following YouTube and Netflix’s decisoin to lower video quality to help European networks deal with demand, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook and Instagram will also temporarily reduce video bitrates in Europe. Therefore helping to handle “bandwidth constraints” and keep people in touch. The sheer audience sizes of Facebook and Instagram could cause additional strain of […]

YouTube cuts videos to lower quality during Coronavirus

YouTube are following in the footsteps of Netflix and will begin capping its data flow during the coronavirus pandemic. YouTube will being limiting all European streams to standard definition to manage the load on it’s network. This is following advice from the EU Internal Market Commisson. Which was that everyone should limit their streams to […]

Disney+ Launch Day! All you need to know….

First of all, Disney+ is amazing! So, the moment we’ve all been waiting for his finally here! Disney+ has launched featuring a variety of feature length films, documentaries live action and animated series and short form content! Furthermore we also get to watch Disney’s incredible library of film and television content. Hint: It’s ALOT of […]

Zoom Q2n-4K

We recently had James Haskell on the show and he told us about an amazing piece of kit! The Zoom Q2n-4k! It combines unrivaled audio with crisp 4K imaging making for an amazing little device! Revolutionising rehearsals, performances and live streams! You can capture a full band, or a solo act or anything you want […]

Airpods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro

James Haskell took the two best wireless headphones for a spin to decide which is the best! It’s time for Airpods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro! Airpods Pro Comfort Firstly we have to give not to Apple’s take on comfort. In-Ear headphones which don’t fit right, will always sound bad! Each pair of Airpods Pro come […]

The Mundane Millionaire

You could soon become a mundane millionaire! What’s a mundane millionaire I hear you ask? I know it seems crazy. But hear us out. So, according to new research you could earn at least £2.2million just by filming every day activities and uploading them to YouTube. So far 6.5Million people have watched a video on […]