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WWDC20: Everything that went down!

Lots got announced at WWDC20, so let’s crack on and tell you all about them! iOS14 – WWDC20 iOS14 is a fairly big update at WWDC20. With Apple’s main focus to improve performance and reliability. Whilst expanding on a number of features which have been added previously. There’s been updates to search, widgets added to […]

Quench Sea

So, there’s a brand new tool out that will help millions of people around the world. It’s called Quench Sea and it will offers adventurers desalination on-the-go. As well as helping adventurers get clean water, it can also help lots of people around the world currently in crises. QuenchSea is groundbreaking and an affordable device […]

Xenoblades Chronicles: Top 5 Tips For Beginners

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is out and here are our Top 5 Tips For Beginners from our JRPG Guy Mr Midas! A sprawling RPG classic is reborn in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. In the aftermath of a devastating invasion, embark on a journey that will take you beyond the horizon. Can you change […]

Mavic Air 2 – The Perfect Drone?

Mavic Air 2 – Super Cool Hyperlapses! Speed it up…slow it down….never been easier to play with with time than it has been with the @djiglobal #MavicAir2The UI makes it easier than ever to pick up and take some cracking shots with pin point accuracy…defo recommend the Fly More combo though because…who want's to go […]

Stop Gaming Boredom by Speeding up your Slow PC

Waiting for a PC to start up can be frustrating to say the least. You may even find yourself being bored at the weekend because you feel as though you just have nothing to do and that you also can’t play the games you want. If this sounds like you then you have nothing to […]

Black Lives Matter Gaming: 1,000 Games for $5!

It’s time to celebrate some success! If you’re a gamer you are going to love this wonderful piece of news. The folks over at itch.io put together a bundle of games, well over 1,000 projects in fact. (Which totaled over $3400 of paid games!) – You can help this way with the Black Lives Matter […]

Britain’s Biggest Bandwidth Hogs

So how has the UK spent lockdown? It seems as though Britain has hit the sofa to stream more content than ever before! Official figures from the ONS highlight how much bandwidth Britain has used in comparison to 2015. The ONS Study found that the most popular activity was to stream video content. The survey determined […]

Father’s Day by Honor – Tons of devices!

Global brand HONOR have got a ton of great gift ideas for Father’s Day this year. To celebrate the launch of their new one-stop-tech-shop hihonor.com, they’ve given us a ton of ideas for you. With Father’s Day being a little different too, you can celebrate with your dad from a far. As there’s products designed […]

Black Lives Matter – Educate Yourself

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd  a 46-year-old black man, died in Minneapolis, Minnesota after a While Police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes. Another in a long list of shocking examples that racism is still rife in today’s world. We feel that it is important both for those wanting to help with the […]