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Terminator: Dark Fate

A brand new Terminator movie is hitting UK Cinemas soon and we are very very excited for it! Some newly released images from the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster. It has got us incredibly intrigued to learn more about the next instalment in the stellar sci-fi franchise. TheTerminator movies are legendary  in the universe of film entertainment. […]

Joker – Teaser Trailer

The new trailer for the JOKER movie has recently been released and it looks INCREDIBLE! We’re talking one of the best films of the year here too. May be even rival the Batman trilogy for the best DC Movies. From the short instances of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, it looks like he may have absolutely NAILED […]

New Team Sonic Racing Gameplay Trailer Released

SEGA Unveils New Footage for Team Sonic Racing Sega have shown off a brand new trailer for fans of Team Sonic Racing. In this trailer there’s some incredible gameplay footage for this incredible arcade game. We think that this game looks amazing and we cannot wait to get our hands on it ourselves! The highly […]

Swipe Delete – The Music Video!

Houseology’s Swipe Delete has been out for a little while and we are all loving it! However, there is now an incredible music video to go along with it as well. We think that this is a wonderful piece of work from both our own Funk Butcher and Swiss from So Solid Crew. While the […]

Poo Debate v2. Scrunch Vs Fold

We’ve had the after poo wipe etiquette stand up / sit down debate. Now its’ time for the Scrunch of Fold debate! More poo stories from How To Kill An Hour! This is from a Huffington Post story and the Scrunch vs Fold debate began on Mumsnet. What is Scrunch vs Fold I hear you […]

Hipsters. The look all the same. Or do they?

All hipsters look the same, don’t they? Big Beards, often shaped, plaid shirts, rolled up trousers, Doc Martins. That’s what one guy unwittingly confirmed – kinda. One man threatened to sue a technology magazine for using what he thought was his image in an article. An article about why all hipsters look the same. Problem […]

Having a baby is a really bad for you.

A study that was published in the journal called Demography suggests that being a new parent could make you miserable and could potentially be the worse thing to happen to you. It was undertaken by demographer Rachel Margolis and called “Parental Well-Being Surrounding First Birth as a Determinant of Further Parity Progression” The study was carried out […]

Google Maps AR

We came across the below tweet earlier on the week and we are very very impressed! Who needs Google Glasses or Apple Glasses when you have got your phone and AR! Say hello to Google Maps AR! It’s now looking like it’s starting to roll it out slowly to some users https://twitter.com/ow/status/1106211516217470977 Google announced this […]

Don’t Use Condoms Twice.

So apparently, some crazy people out there are doing something that we never thought we’d see. They are reusing and washing condoms, just look at this tweet from CDC STD! We say it because people do it: Don't wash or reuse #condoms! Use a fresh one for each #sex act. https://t.co/o3SPayRf9m pic.twitter.com/AwkPqE9YMl — CDC STD […]

Sound Over Laser: AudioLaser?

So, get this MIT have managed to transmit audio over laser. Somehow. So it’s AudioLaser – I guess? Scientists over at MIT have figured out how to transmit audio over a laser beam. This is any type of audio, so that can be audio, it can be music anything at all. This is without a […]