Apple Offering Movies 2 Weeks After Release?!

Apple are really trying to get movies into your home a lot faster than they already are… a premium though.

Bloomberg are reporting that alongside Apple, Comcast are in talks (independently) with movie studios to offer $50 movie rentals approximately 2 weeks after their theatrical debut, then waiting a further 4-6 weeks you can get the same movie for $30. Apparently, the deals, if successful, could be finalized early next year.

Movie theatres have an interest in maintaining exclusivity for movies for as long as possible, concession sales of popcorn, drinks and sweets keep theatres alive, if a family is able to buy their tickets at home, the theatres life is in real danger. Deals with Apple/Comcast would give movie studios to push on with movie downloads, which could also threaten theatres, by giving them an ultimatum of agree to a deal or we will start selling downloads.

Will Apple finally get their way? Only time will tell.

NHS Offering Cinema Tickets

The NHS are tempting people to get healthier with the lure of free cinema tickets (and they are getting expensive) amongst other incentives such as discounts on shopping and fitness gear.

A user would use a mobile app to track exercise and encourage them to hit targets to earn the goodies, thus reducing pressure on the NHS.

The NHS is working with 10 new housing developments with the aim to put “great health at the heart of urban design and planning” the scheme is over several ideas by city planning researchers at Citiesmode for the Halton Lea Site in Cheshire. Even going as far as implementing public gym equipment, running tracks drawn on to the pavement, cooking lessons, free bikes and even an outdoor cinema.

It’s all very much a concept scheme at the moment, but we think that this idea sounds absolutely incredible! The final proposal and implementation strategy for the Halton Lea site is expected to be published in January 2018, so we’ll see how this unfolds!

Joker is getting his own movie!

Joker is getting his own movie and Martin Scorsese is producing… cool is that!

The Todd Phillips directed film is yet to be cast but Deadline are reporting htat the project is in the very early stages of development, but Todd Phillips and Scott Silver writers of The Hangover and 8 Mile respectively are penning an original script. The film is said to pay homage to 1980’s Scorsese films, with a gritty feel being said to be attached to the movie, kind of like a Taxi Driver, Raging Bull kind of feel. We’re really intrigued as to what a Phillips/Scorsese film can bring to the DC Universe and the Joker character and we’re expecting big things.

Amazon Becoming A Fully Fledged Movie Studio?

Amazon has seen to be buying and producing films and hiring indie film studios to distribute their movies in cinemas. But! That is all due to change with it’s next release, with it’s next move edging it closer to a fully fledged movie studio. According to Variety Amazon Studios are distributing Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel, due out in December, by itself. What does this mean? Well it will have complete control over how the film is released. That’s everything from marketing to the rollout in cinemas.This helps propel Amazon into the stratosphere after the production company won three Oscars in January, Manchester By The Sea took in $62M globally (budgeted at $10M)


Tastemade Tiny Foods

Tastemade is a YouTube channel made up of adventurous travelers, home cooks and Michelin star chefs all with the aim to prove that food can be fun!

One really cool aspect of their show is when they make really tiny versions of our favourite dishes!

Check out their YouTube channel here!

Facebook Getting Closer To Launching “Video”

Facebook are apparently close to launching their own shows very soon. According to Bloomberg, Facebook’s new Video section is dues to go live in mid-August. Facebook have reportedly been asking partners to turn in their first episodes of projects, however some are taking a bit longer than expected and this may cause even further delays (it was supposed to go live in June)

Facebook haven’t confirmed the launch themselves yet, but it hasn’t been keeping this project a secret. In 2016 they hired College Humor co-founder Ricky Van Veen who admitted that Facebook were looking at original scripted/unscripted content. As well as teaming up with media companies to produce inexpensive productions such as YouTube videos and big budget productions to compete with HBO, Netflix and the likes.

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UK Are A Nation Of BingeWatchers!

79% of us adults in the UK (40million out of 66million people) are now apparently binge watching our content and watch multiple episodes of a TV series in one sitting. Ofcom compiled the following stats to show us how much we sit in front of the tele:

35% of us bingewatch every week
55% on a weekly basis
70% of us found it relaxing
24% of us discuss shows with friends
25% binge because of afraid of spoilers
16% feel pressured to keep up with others
32% of us admit they watch too much tv
35% have taken steps to cut down by rationing what they watch (19%) or find another hobby (10%) or cancelling (4%)
53% of children aged 12-15 binge watch
16% of the over 65’s bingewatch
Of the over 65’s 59% said they prefer 1 episode a week model.


Streaming services:

Most popular is BBC iPlayer with 63% of adults saying they use it.
iTv Hub is 40%
YouTube sits at 38%
Netflix is 31% and recorded TV sat dead last at 28%

Will it Fry?

Tennents Lager are seemingly (according to their YouTube Channel) are going to be frying a series of objects and seeing if they work after being Deep Fat Fried! The first product to go through this vigorous testing is the Samsung Galaxy S8….Will it Fry? Well, you’ll have to watch the video and find out!

Stranger Things NEW TRAILER›

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Ready Player One


Ready Player One, Co-produced and directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline, based on Cline’s novel of the same name.

In the dystopian near-future, much of Earth’s population centers have become slum-like cities; to escape their desolation, people engage in the virtual reality world of the OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation), where they can engage in numerous activities for work, education, and entertainment.

Wade Owen Watts is a teenager from Columbus, Ohio who frequents the OASIS and attempts to win “Anorak’s Game”, a game created by the recently-deceased creator of the OASIS, James Halliday, in search of its Easter Egg. The winner is to be granted full ownership of the OASIS and Halliday’s $240 billion fortune. While Wade works with several friends from the OASIS to discover Anorak’s treasure, the corporate giant Innovative Online Industries (IOI) employs a number of players to try to discover the treasure first and seize control of OASIS for themselves. Due For Release March 2018.  (Wiki)

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