Apple Offering Movies 2 Weeks After Release?!

Apple are really trying to get movies into your home a lot faster than they already are… a premium though.

Bloomberg are reporting that alongside Apple, Comcast are in talks (independently) with movie studios to offer $50 movie rentals approximately 2 weeks after their theatrical debut, then waiting a further 4-6 weeks you can get the same movie for $30. Apparently, the deals, if successful, could be finalized early next year.

Movie theatres have an interest in maintaining exclusivity for movies for as long as possible, concession sales of popcorn, drinks and sweets keep theatres alive, if a family is able to buy their tickets at home, the theatres life is in real danger. Deals with Apple/Comcast would give movie studios to push on with movie downloads, which could also threaten theatres, by giving them an ultimatum of agree to a deal or we will start selling downloads.

Will Apple finally get their way? Only time will tell.