Wash Clothes Like UBER?!

Electrolux, the BIG washing machine company are testing a crazy new way of getting your clothes washed — by someone else.

CEO Jonas Samuelson has told the Financial Times that they are testing an Uber like service where you would pay to get your clothes washed at someone’s house. While you would need to change up your washing machine for it to have wi-fi and it to be connected to the app itself, it would help save money in the long term from washing equipment (Washer/Dryer) that for most of the week is idle.

While this sounds quite weird (people stealing your underwear!) there are other hurdles that need to be addressed too. For example, what if your clothes shrink or clothes colour runs? Who pays for that? There is also the potential for people to buy houses and turn them into laundromats? or If someone forgets to wash your clothes? Gives you somebody else’s clothes?

Jonas Samuelson doesn’t say when this will go live to the public if at all. But if this goes ahead it will be interesting to see what problems they face from it being used day in day out.

Listen to the guys chatting about this here!