Lately Dev’s been learning Spanish and he’s been using an app called Duolingo!

You may have heard of it as it’s a famous language learning app that’s been around for some time now. It gets a lot of good reviews and for good reasoning too! Dev’s been praising it as it teaches you in a very good manner. Such as using short phrases and teaching you as if you were a child learning your language for the first time. Furthermore pairing up words to pictures too helps him and the user remember phrases and words!

You can learn Spanish, Latin, French, Japanese even Klingon! There’s loads of languages you can learn on Duolingo! Duolingo is an app which makes learning a language, fun, quick and very enjoyable!

Plus even better the app is free! (It is supported by ads, though you can pay for a premium version. As this will give you unlimited lives. If you get a question wrong you lose a life. Lose 5 lives and you have to wait 4 hrs to get a new set of lives or retake old lessons to gain yourself a life at a time. Furthermore it’ll take away those ads!)

How to learn

As stated earlier, Duolingo makes learning fun by pairing up words to the translated word or pictures to words. You could build up your vocabulary with one lesson a day! 34 hours of lessons is the equivalent to a semester of study at University level. Therefore if you stuck at it for sometime you could learn Spanish and cover enough words to go on holiday and speak Spanish in just a few weeks! The lessons aren’t that long either, lasting 5mins at a time, so you can learn for as long or as short as you like!

Other languages that are available are Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Russian and many many more!

Download Duolingo here: Apple / Android

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App To Help Discover Cancer?

Pancreatic cancer has a very low survival rate with just 9% of patients surviving 5 years or less. A large contributing factor to this is that there is no visible symptoms and by the time it is discovered the cancer is already very advanced. But researchers at the University of Washington have hopefully invented an accurate way to test the early signs of cancer, by themselves.

An app called BiliScreen may well be the way to discovering pancreatic cancer early, by using a smartphone’s camera, it uses computer vision algorithm to detect the chemical bilirubin in the whites of a persons eyes.

This is important because with pancreatic cancer, bilirubin levels start to increase and eventually turn a persons whites of their eye turn yellow, in which case the cancer is already highly developed. Cheaper and a lot easier than a blood test, BiliScreen is able to detect the levels of bilirubin and warn a user if their levels are abnormally high.

The app must be used in a special box to block out ambient light, or paper coloured glasses that the app is calibrated too. Biliscreen is said to be 90% accurate as a blood test, in identifying concerning levels of bilirubin when tested with a 70-person clinical study.


Do you own a lot of Smart tech but wish you had a single place to consolidate all of that information in one and control it all from one app or hub? Well check out Cozify! Watch the video above on how to get started with a Cozify and check out more information below!

  • Cozify controls Sonos, Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, Foscam IP-cameras, Wemo and many more brands together with a single hub.
  • It is easy for anyone to install, setup and use at home
  • It has a market leading, intuitive rules engine giving you real home automation rather than simple remote control.
  • Cozify is future proofed for all new technology standards with 5 radios: Zigbee, ISM band (433MHz), Z-Wave*, Bluetooth* and Wifi* (*hw-ready).
  • Cozify already supports hundreds of devices from many different brands and will work with many more in the future.(Amazon)

To buy your own Cozify please click here!


ASOS Launch A New App Feature

ASOS launch new app feature

Like an outfit that a stranger is wearing? ASOS has launched a new app feature that allows you to take a picture of someone, it then searches through it's catalogue and finds clothing that is either the same in the photo or very similar!Music Credit: Biggie South Beats – Summer Breeze

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Do you like an outfit that a stranger is wearing? 

ASOS has launched a new feature on the smartphone app that allows you to take a photo of someone’s clothes, it then filters through 85,000 items on their site and then presents you with a selection of clothing that is either the same or VERY similar!




No more awkward chasing after strangers on the street asking them where they got their hat!

Facebook Stories unlocks public sharing

Facebook has now added the ability to post stories…

…and make them public, meaning you do not have to be friends on facebook to be able to watch a person’s Facebook story.

It’s essentially a clone of snapchat and instagram stories but results have shown that there’s more interaction on people viewing your story rather than interacting with a post you have posted on your page.

Facebook has proudly shared the rapid traction of Instagram Stories, both of which have over 250 million daily users. That makes them bigger than Snapchat, which has 166 million daily users for its whole app.

Google’s new app makes it easy to save mobile data

New App ‘Triangle’ let’s you control data use

Google have developed a new app which lets you view and control the amount of data you use. The app ‘Triangle’ lets you monitor data usage and restrict apps from using your data even when your 3/4G is on.

This is a handy little app if you’re on a contract with limited data as some apps consume a lot more data than others but it’s also helpful as some apps will continue to drain your data if they are running in the background.

Another feature this app has is that you can allow certain apps access to your data for limited time periods from 10 to 30 minutes.

This app is only available in the Philippines for now as it’s still in it’s testing phase.



Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is the innovative solution for those who just can’t seem to get up on time, even with an alarm clock. This app has been cleverly designed to force you to get out of bed. You set it up by registering a photo of an area or room in your house. Then once the alarm is set, the ONLY way to make it stop ringing is to get out of bed and go take a photo of the registered area, or by completing a math equation, or by shaking the phone vigorously! See the video below of this amazing app in action!


To download Alarmy please click here Apple / Android

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!


Cosmo Connected

The Cosmo Connected is a detachable smart helmet accessory that combines a rear brake light and an app.

The brake light attaches to the back of the helmet, as the rider slows down, the Cosmo flashes a red light.

Having the brake light at eye level for the person in the vehicle behind them, makes the experience for motorcyclists a lot more safer!



Quell – Wearable Pain Relief

Quell is clinically proven, 100% drug free technology that relieves chronic pain.

Wearing Quell on the upper calf stimulates sensory nerves as it taps into your body’s natural pain relief response. It does this by sending electric charges to the brain. Neural pulses in the brain trigger a natural reaction that blocks pain signals, relieving your pain!

Powerful enough to tap into your body’s natural pain relief response.


There’s an app for you to control, calibrate and customise therapy. Also you can measure progress on multiple health dimensions, including therapy, sleep, activity and pain.

Download the app on Apple and Android

To buy Quell click here!

Beeline smart navigation

Beeline – Smart Navigation

Powered by an app, Beeline is a smart compass. Meaning, rather than using your usual sat nav giving lots of confusing instructions, it simply tells you the direction and distance to your destination or next waypoint. You make the decisions.

Beeline includes special features including a speedometer, a clock and a battery readout.

The display is crisp clear, water and shock proof, prepared for any weather!

You can save your favourite destinations and journeys. Battery life lasts up to 30 hours!


Download the app for Apple and Android.

To buy the Beeline click here!

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